Concerned moms against anime


The best satir­i­cal Face­book page ever

Japan­ese enter­tain­ment is fun to par­take in and is a pret­ty fun hob­by over­all. And as you all know, I’m total­ly big on being pas­sion­ate about your hob­bies. I mean, damn, I would­n’t have cre­at­ed this blog if I was­n’t. But remem­ber, at the end of the day, hob­bies are just hob­bies. If you can’t take a moment to sit down and laugh at your own expense, and get extreme­ly both­ered by jokes, then it’s seri­ous­ly time for you to dial back on how much you take your hob­bies seriously.

This page is the per­fect exam­ple of “all in good fun”: par­o­dy of an over­ly reli­gious nut of a moth­er post­ing misinterpreted/stupid shit about ani­me and how evil it is. It’s sim­ply hilar­i­ous.


dear god

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, a good chunk of peo­ple seem to have allowed it to fly right past their naive heads because they’re way too fanat­ic for their own good (not sur­pris­ing, the gen­er­al ani­me pages on Face­book are filled with cringe­wor­thy ani­me fans as it is!). Might not be so unfor­tu­nate after all though, because the mak­er of the page clear­ly has tak­en the lib­er­ty of just trolling the hell out of these par­tic­u­lar self-acclaimed “otaku” and incit­ing their anger, and the seri­ous com­ments from them are shap­ing up to be some of the most hilar­i­ous aspects about the page.




Stupidity is magic, aint gotta explain shit


No fun arrowed


The most hilar­i­ous part is that all the peo­ple that have ani­me girl heads as their Face­book pro­file pics start get­ting in on the fun, and peo­ple still think they’re rav­ing reli­gious lunatics that hate ani­me no mat­ter how obvi­ous it is that they thor­ough­ly enjoy ani­me. The fact that the page uses OBSCURE ANIME REFERENCES as basis for its trolling is already the most obvi­ous sign that it’s just a joke. Like holy shit, most of those aren’t pos­si­ble with­out being a pret­ty avid ani­me watch­er to begin with.

This page is fuck­ing gold. How do peo­ple fall for this? I mean, heck, the “chi­nese car­toonz” joke is like 5,000 years old, do peo­ple even inter­net? A lot of them don’t seem to be using the word “troll” in the cor­rect sense either.

Well, at least the gulli­bil­i­ty is fun­ny in its own right, and not every­one is part of the dense brigade:


I love this guy



(EDIT: If I did­n’t give it away in the pic­tures already, yes, I’m the dude with the Yume avatar)

Dat feel (;_;):


Behind all of this fun though, it real­ly is sort of depress­ing that the peo­ple who are tak­ing this page too seri­ous­ly, more-so the way they react, are pret­ty much the type of vocal minor­i­ty that peo­ple asso­ciate ani­me fans with. RIP.

Then again, video game and sports fans can be the same lev­el of cringe­wor­thy as well (yes, sports fans are geeks too — just a dif­fer­ent kind of geek that focus­es on more phys­i­cal­ly-active hobbies).

11 thoughts on “Concerned moms against anime

  1. This is hilar­i­ous. XD

    Do peo­ple actu­al­ly fall for that? Also, it’s fun to read some­one troll, every once in a while (Thanks Gintama).

    1. @The Last Melody: Speak­ing of Gin­ta­ma, it’s sur­pris­ing how there’s so many humor­ous­ly tongue-in-cheek Japan­ese anime/manga/light novels/visual novels/video games/dramas/whatnot, yet there’s so few ani­me fans on that page that actu­al­ly have that kind of sense of humor. Huh.

  2. I guess some fans don’t have a sense of humor… This thing kind of reminds me of the out­rage with Col­bert over the remark he said with the whole #cencel­col­bert thing. It’s clear that some peo­ple just take the joke seri­ous­ly, thus end up being the fool at the end in feed­ing into the troll.

    1. @chikorita157: What’s weird is that a lot of these angry fans claim to know they’re being “trolled” yet still think the admin is an over­ly reli­gious nut of a moth­er that needs a ver­bal beat-down.
      It’s like they’re say­ing “I KNOW YOU’RE FUCKING WITH ME.… BUT I’M GONNA GET ANGRY ANYWAY!!!!”

  3. Heh, those posts are fun­ny XD Even though I some­times have trou­ble dis­cern­ing trolls from sin­cere posters, I could tell that this was a gag. But even if I could­n’t tell, usu­al­ly I just stay away from Inter­net argu­ments. You could waste your life away try­ing to cor­rect every­one on the Inter­net, which is time bet­ter spent actu­al­ly enjoy­ing the hob­by you’re talk­ing about 😉

    1. @Yume­ka: Yeah, but I guess it’s fun­ny in its own way how they’re kin­da let­ting the anger take over their lives. Sup­pos­ed­ly the admin is receiv­ing death threats. lol

  4. I’m sor­ry, but that guy say­ing watch­ing Sword Art Online would change this per­son­’s views on ani­me was the most facepalm-wor­thy ANYTHING I just read in that post.

    Yeah, all the ten­ta­cle rape, imouto­cest and harem hijinks — just to men­tion the more OBVIOUS cut of the cake — is just down­right eye-open­ing, ain’t it? The poster even used a pic­ture of Kir­i­to and Asuna mar­ried as an exam­ple. You know, the Kir­i­to and Asuna who had paper-thin chem­istry and had first-date mar­riage and jig­gy jig­gy Chap­ter 16.5 fun times, fol­lowed by more harem non­sense cul­mi­nat­ing in a fairy NTR bonanza.

    That’s more of a troll-wor­thy post. It got my blood boil­ing more. Sor­ry. Rant over.

    1. @Ron: “You should real­ly try watch­ing Sword Art Online, it could def­i­nite­ly change your views on anime!”
      “Yeah, thanks, you just made it worse.”

  5. @Miko­to

    Yeah, I find that sort of wierd, actu­al­ly. I mean, why does one get the impres­sion of that? Why does it seem like those who like ani­me only, are so much more overzeal­ous about it? Not that I am speak­ing from expe­ri­ence, just gen­er­al impres­sion ^_^”

    1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Daeya­mati showed me that on Twit­ter. So much hnnnngh­hh. <3 If that was a pre­order bonus on NISA’s site, I would have total­ly bought my CCS from their site instead of RightStuf.

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