I declare this month “Happy Month”

Time to be magical

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Because my birth­day was like, two days ago, and the feel of attain­ing the most pos­si­ble adult free­doms avail­able in Cal­i­for­nia is awe­some (I’m 21 now? Yessir!), I declare this month “Hap­py Month” in which posts and rants about ter­ri­ble or mediocre things is kept to a min­i­mum in com­par­i­son to things that make me smile. Well, at least posts writ­ten by me will be hap­py this month. I rant about ter­ri­ble things enough out­side of the blog as it is, to the point where you could call me a weeb ver­sion of AVGN with­out a Moth­er­fuck­ing Mike hold­ing me back. I was *this* close to rant­i­ng about ani­me/non-ani­me fans using cer­tain terms un-iron­i­cal­ly, but I’m gonna put that on hold for HAPPY MONTH.

Things that I plan on doing, con­sid­er­ing my sum­mer col­lege sched­ule, is as fol­lows: I’ll also be post­ing about Card­cap­tor Saku­ra most­ly (need to fin­ish those look­back posts!). And then No Game No Life, which was actu­al­ly pret­ty good for the most part (it remind­ed me of the Yuu­giou man­ga). That will all hap­pen once I post up my Kill la Kill final impres­sions (you must go through Meh Land before you get to Hap­py Par­adise. It will the only time I’ll be sad, I promise).

(And it will keep me occu­pied until August, when my child arrives. The joys of becom­ing a father are com­ing, guys. ;_;)

4 thoughts on “I declare this month “Happy Month”

    1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: I’m now able to buy alco­hol any time I want when­ev­er I need to drink the sads away. ;_;
      Your child only has one spe­cif­ic trait that mine does­n’t have. Hm. Are we per­haps, related?

  1. I admit that last month was rather rough since my moti­va­tion to blog dropped due to a big traf­fic drop in traf­fic and com­ments. Since I took a vaca­tion and a short break from blog­ging, I’m ready to write more posts for the sum­mer sea­son. (Any­ways, I spent more time play­ing Idol­mas­ter Ofa before I left on vaca­tion than com­ing up with new edi­to­ri­als to write)

    Aside from that, I look for­ward to your cheer­ful posts since I already wished you a Hap­py Birth­day. BTW, I did­n’t drink at all when I turned 21 as I would rather spend mon­ey on oth­er things than alco­hol, main­ly games and CDs.

    1. @chikorita157: Yeah, it’s easy to get burned out writ­ing posts espe­cial­ly when it feels like no one is read­ing them. Tak­ing a break and com­ing back always helps refill the capac­i­ty to blog.
      I did­n’t actu­al­ly buy alco­hol for my birth­day since admit­ted­ly I don’t real­ly like it that much (though it goes great with cer­tain foods and I def­i­nite­ly enjoy it for the occa­sions). Usu­al­ly I’d buy a game or two for my birth­day, but this year I con­sid­er my CCS pre­order to be my own present.

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