Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 20

The best clingy jealous girl

I was­n’t in the manga!

But that real­ly does­n’t mat­ter since she’s an awe­some char­ac­ter any­way! (It’s been a long time, but I’m back to con­tin­ue this. Blu-ray Hype A‑Go!)

The thing I real­ly love about the Card­cap­tor Saku­ra ani­me is that CLAMP was direct­ly involved with it. With oth­er ani­me adap­ta­tions, when­ev­er there is an ani­me-orig­i­nal char­ac­ter or ani­me-orig­i­nal ideas involved (Chu­u­niby­ou demo Koi ga Shi­tai!, both of the orig­i­nal Yuu­giou ani­me adap­ta­tions, etc.), it real­ly bog­gles the orig­i­nal con­tent down because the orig­i­nal writ­ers had no say what­so­ev­er. It’s usu­al­ly just the employ­ees at the ani­ma­tion stu­dio think­ing their ideas are bet­ter mar­ket­ing (or some­thing) and end up shov­ing ideas into a pre-made sto­ry that just don’t belong.

Here, we have a char­ac­ter that fits in per­fect­ly with the rest of the CLAMP mul­ti­verse. The man­ga’s struc­ture is actu­al­ly very dif­fer­ent from the ani­me, which mod­i­fied the man­ga’s sto­ry­line + added their own sto­ry­line ele­ments in order to extend it into a longer five-cour ani­me. But as I’ve said in a pre­vi­ous CCS post, the ani­me com­plete­ly emu­lates the same spir­it as the orig­i­nal man­ga pre­cise­ly because CLAMP was direct­ly involved with it. NOTHING in the ani­me insults or deval­ues the ideas pre­sent­ed in the source mate­r­i­al. And for the pur­pos­es of what the ani­me was going for in the end, Li Meilin fits in real­ly well and has become an endear­ing char­ac­ter not only to the fans, but also to CLAMP themselves.

I see what they're doing ;)

So yeah, she’s intro­duced as the clingy jeal­ous cousin-fiancee of Syao­ran. She’s not-so-friend­ly to Saku­ra at first because she clear­ly idol­izes and wants Syao­ran to be the true Mas­ter of the Clow Cards. Though, because I hard­core toy­ship the canon Syao­ran x Saku­ra pair­ing, I imag­ine there’s a lit­tle bit of female jeal­ousy involved as well. I mean, Touya gives Syao­ran death glares for the very same rea­son, right? It’s rea­son­able to assume Meil­in’s feel­ing a loom­ing romance about to hap­pen as well even if it isn’t appar­ent at all yet.

At the very least, that would prob­a­bly be com­plete­ly true if she was intro­duced in the man­ga. The man­ga is short­er, and in terms of that, Syao­ran’s already blush­ing mad crazy over Saku­ra by this point.


Of course, this is the ani­me. Right now, Syao­ran has only shown sup­posed feel­ings towards Yuk­i­to. If one had not read the man­ga or watched the anime/been spoiled about the ani­me, one would think that Syao­ran’s suf­fer­ing through­out the episode was just his Gay Tears, real­iz­ing that anoth­er obsta­cle has arrived to keep him from being with Yukito… 😛

Sakura too OP MLG Pro

The Pow­er vs. The Fight

One thing you’ll def­i­nite­ly notice by this point is that the ani­me has a lot of sim­i­lar cards with sim­i­lar func­tions, yet have dif­fer­ent names.

For exam­ple, we have The Watery and The Rain (and then lat­er we get The Cloud). Both can pro­duce rain, but the for­mer is a lot more ver­sa­tile with the use of water. The Rain just makes rain. And in this episode, we have The Fight, which as stat­ed by Tomoyo, sim­i­lar to the Fight Card in that it has abnor­mal strength. 

Sounds a bit redun­dant, eh? A lot of the redun­dan­cy is due to the ani­me expand­ing the card list, but I actu­al­ly real­ly like the fact that they enlarged the col­lec­tion, because it real­ly does make it seem like a larg­er fam­i­ly that Clow Reed prob­a­bly trea­sured. I see a lot of the sim­i­lar cards as big sis/little sis cards, and in canon, some of them actu­al­ly are.

You jelly?

You jel­ly?”

Tomoyo's still the best

Our rela­tion­ship chart has got­ten more com­pli­cat­ed.” (actu­al quote)

Tomoyo. Wins. The. Episode.

if there was any time i'd be totally cringeworthy and say sugokukawaiidesune it would be now

As always, Saku­ra’s Out­fit of the Day is just too cute for mor­tal eyes.

Oh yeah, and you for­got to col­or in her scle­ra, Madhouse.

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  1. As always, Saku­ra is just too cute for mor­tal eyes.”

    Fixed for you. No one should gaze at Saku­ra for too long unless they have a pair of defib­ril­la­tors! And com­ing this August I am going to need them!

    1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Not sur­pris­ing­ly, that sounds a lot more accu­rate than what I orig­i­nal­ly wrote. 😛 Saku­ra’s way cuter than her clothes, and that’s say­ing something!
      Man, August can’t come soon enough. I still can’t believe I spent that much yet still have mon­ey left­over to take a girl out on dates. lol

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