Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 23


Here we have anoth­er episode that involves snoop­ing around Tomoe­da Ele­men­tary School at night. And of course, because it’s a Japan­ese school and Japan­ese schools always have their sev­en won­ders of pants-wet­ting hor­ror, we get sev­er­al scenes of our cute lit­tle Saku­ra being scared shit­less. Oh yeah, and she gets a cringe scene dur­ing class. Too close to home, Saku­ra. Too close to home.

So yeah, this was pret­ty much a lighter ver­sion of the sec­ond episode, since unlike The Shad­ow, The Song isn’t a scary fel­low at all and nei­ther are its powers.

One of Tomoyo's 2000 talents

Char­ac­ter estab­lish­ment of the day is Tomoy­o’s real­ly pret­ty singing voice. That duet was sim­ply love­ly on the ears.

That smile

I real­ly love Syao­ran’s smirk when he 1‑up’d Kero by being the exposition/man of ideas for Sakura.

He was doing that to Kero the entire episode and I love it. 😛 It’s like he’s say­ing, “Yeah, you’re right, I did­n’t real­ly accom­plish much in this episode, but at least I did SOMETHING. What about you, plush toy?

jealous or just gey

Obser­va­tion #1: Saku­ra Love log­ic says he’s sub­con­scious­ly envi­ous of Yuk­i­to, even though moon pow­ers make him feel the clamp gays.


Obser­va­tion #2: Meilin has no indoor voice. 

Godly motif

I real­ly love it how CLAMP pro­ject­ed their god­ly design sense onto Tomoyo. This episode’s bat­tle cos­tume is pret­ty much what I think about if you were to ask me what would be a good out­fit for a “music-themed mag­i­cal girl.” It projects the motif real­ly ele­gant­ly, and the design real­ly “pops” with­out being over-designed.

Now, if you told Nomu­ra Tet­suya to design a music-theme out­fit for Card­cap­tor Saku­ra, he’ll start off by first adding a bunch of belts… [feel free to shoot me before I take any­more pot­shots at Mr. Square Enix Zip­per Fetish]

Actu­al­ly, now I’m curi­ous. Some­one do that. Some­one show me what an over-designed Saku­ra would look like. I swear to god I’ve nev­er seen the words “Kinomo­to Saku­ra” and “over-designed” used in the same sentence.

2 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 23

  1. This may sound creepy or mean spir­it­ed but I have to admit that I like it when Saku­ra is scared. It increas­es her already high moe fac­tor by 10. I remem­ber back to her Shad­ow Card episode where she imag­ines the creepi­ness of the school at night and how she became so scared at the thought. It was then that I want­ed to cod­dle and pro­tect her. The very essence of moe.

    And sec­ond­ly I hon­est­ly think that Tomoyo is the rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the male otaku audi­ence watch­ing the show when you real­ly think about it.

    1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: I know what you mean. Her cow­er­ing in fear just makes you want to pro­tect her more, it’s just too cute. 😛 CSS, doing moe right since 1996.

      Yeah, Tomoyo reminds me of the fans if they were in the show. Loves Saku­ra, ships her hard with any­one that would make her happy.

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