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My face when I watch CLAMP in Wonderland 2

My face when Ike’s Lair

Was there actu­al­ly ever a bad episode of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra? After more than a dozen or so posts of me repeat­ing some­thing along the lines of “this was always one of my favorites” or “this episode was great, but pales in com­par­i­son to the rest”, it’s becom­ing clear to me why this ani­me has and will always be my per­son­al #1. I’m lit­er­al­ly hav­ing so many warm flash­backs right now. It did­n’t just take me three or four episodes (or more) to get into the show, I got into it right away and it con­sis­tent­ly held my interests.

That being said, whether it’s one of my favorite episodes or not, “Saku­ra and the Oth­er Saku­ra” is def­i­nite­ly one of the high­lights of the first sea­son. It helps that this is one of those episodes that has a man­ga coun­ter­part, and those tend to stick to you a lot more as well as con­tain a lot more plot devel­op­ment com­pared to the ani­me-spe­cif­ic stuff, at least for the first season.

Still best daughter 2014 and forever

Best Daugh­ter ∞

Aw, look at cute lit­tle Saku­ra doing the gro­ceries for her fam­i­ly. She’s such a sweet girl.

You don’t see that every­day in Amer­i­ca, huh? I’d love to have a daugh­ter like Saku­ra some­day. As of now though, she’s my daugh­teru and I’ll kick your ass if you lewd her up. 

[braces him­self for an onslaught of Sakura/Tomoyo Pure Love Yuri pic­tures]

Mirror Sakura

Best Brat ∞

Dat mis­chie­vous smile. Well, this was a pret­ty cool way to open the episode: We see Saku­ra fin­ish her gro­cery shop­ping, she walks away from the win­dow, and then we see… Saku­ra come back in front of the win­dow again, only for her to look back at the pre­vi­ous direc­tion with a dev­il­ish grin on her face.

That is not Saku­ra” is the nat­ur­al view­er reac­tion if they haven’t already seen the episode’s pre­view in the pre­vi­ous episode.

Minor Nit­pick: The only thing that both­ers me is that…well, how is it that Saku­ra did­n’t see her dopple­ganger? They were walk­ing past each oth­er evi­dent­ly. Either Saku­ra took anoth­er look at her shop­ping list while she was walk­ing or she… just did­n’t notice? Which is odd either way, because you’d think she would have sense the Clow Card’s pres­ence right next to her.

It’s an ani­me-only scene (in the man­ga, Saku­ra was also com­ing home from shop­ping, but noth­ing omi­nous hap­pened until lat­er), so in terms of adap­ta­tion, I’ll chalk it up to Mad­house think­ing it was a cool eye-grab­bing way to open an ani­me episode as oppose to how the chap­ter orig­i­nal­ly began.

Penguin abuse

Mir­ror Saku­ra tries to tar­nish Saku­ra’s good name by going around doing real­ly pet­ty things such as knock­ing down dolls/merchandise dis­plays in front & inside of shops and mak­ing lit­tle kids cry by kick­ing down sand castles.

Damn, talk about evil.

Sakura being a little shit, how do you even believe that

さくら怪獣じゃないもん ;_;

u gaiz craycray that aint her

I know it’s prob­a­bly because he has mag­ic and thus could sense that it’s a Clow Card’s doing, but I love how Syao­ran’s the only one besides Tomoyo that nev­er once doubt­ed that it was an imposter/doppleganger.

His face just screams “.…yeeeeeeeeeah that ain’t her”.

dere is growing

“Be careful.”

If I recall cor­rect­ly, this is the episode where the seeds of Saku­ra-relat­ed dere start grow­ing with­in Syao­ran even if there’s only just a hint of it now. From here on out, it only starts to grow before he becomes “that kid that always gets red” (-Man­ga Kero).

A One


And a Two


And a Three




This might sound mean-spir­it­ed to poor Saku­ra, but this scene was pret­ty fun­ny. After Naoko shares a bit of creepy Ger­man dop­pel­ganger folk­lore with Saku­ra, her “[awk­ward pause]…IMMA DIE! ;_;” when she sees Mir­ror Saku­ra always makes me lose it.

But yeah, one of the biggest devel­op­ments in this episode is that Saku­ra and Kero real­ize that after 24 episodes of seal­ing cards, the Clow Card are now aware of her and what’s she’s doing via word-of-mouth. Hence The Mir­ror screw­ing with her iden­ti­ty before the episode/chapter even begins.

I remember the Cardcraptors English dub Tarot Card fiasco

Clow Card fortune-telling

I real­ly loved this sequence. I guess Clow Reed prob­a­bly had no use for the for­tune-telling aspects of the Clow Cards since he could see into the future any­time he want­ed, huh?

Saku­ra’s mag­ic is shown to have grown even stronger in this episode, as evi­dence by her vision of the peach flow­ers -> peach -> Touya (“peach arrow”) when she looked at The Flower card.

Woods of Nope

Woods of Nope

Admit­ted­ly, I some­what share Saku­ra’s fear of specters (though I sort of rev­el in the fear as evi­denced by some of my fan­doms being hor­ror games). I can’t imag­ine how much NOPE I’d feel if I had Touya’s sixth sense and passed through a place like this which is appar­ent­ly crawl­ing with dead people.


Syao­ran, this is only the beginning

i see dead people

Speak­ing of Touya’s sixth sense, it’s so pow­er­ful that he can tell that Mir­ror Saku­ra isn’t real­ly Saku­ra. Although, he thought she was a ghost and was try­ing to help her pass on (every­one in the Kinomo­to fam­i­ly is a gen­uine­ly nice per­son, after all), even though she was real­ly there to screw around with him.

This is what you get for eating all of my pudding

As I’ve said in my last post, the Clow Cards’ ambigu­ous inno­cence is REALLY unset­tling at times.

Mirror mirror on the wall, the real Sakura's obviously the cutest of them all

I real­ly enjoyed how Saku­ra fig­ured out the card’s iden­ti­ty using its hints + the pre­vi­ous for­tunes she did.

Per­son­al­ly, I would have just start­ed spout­ing out ran­dom words that remind­ed me of “repli­ca­tion” like I would in Pic­tionary. I dun­no, I think it would have been just as effective!

Daaaaw it's not evil after all

It’s clear that The Mir­ror’s devel­oped some­what of a crush on Touya because of his kind nature and shows remorse for what she’s done through­out the episode. As I’ve said before, despite the ambigu­ous inno­cence in things such as the Clow Cards and seem­ing­ly omi­nous first impres­sions appear­ances by cer­tain char­ac­ters, in the end Card­cap­tor Saku­ra nev­er real­ly gets a tru­ly black/white antagonist.

Sakura, Queen of Facial Expressions

With Saku­ra now in pos­ses­sion of The Mir­ror card, she’s now able to be at two places at once! So she’s def­i­nite­ly nev­er going to run into a “I have to do the thing at the thing”-type situation.

Except Touya’s nev­er going to fall for it because of his sixth sense. Though that does­n’t real­ly mat­ter since he’s already onto Kero and Saku­ra’s over­all Card­cap­tor shenanigans.


I don’t real­ly think you *need* a con­text for this. Go wild.

She's totally a shoutacon btw

Oh boy, we’re almost there. The ani­me only keeps get­ting bet­ter from here on out.

More things to note as the episode ends: After her pre­cious big broth­er got hurt by The Mir­ror’s shenani­gans, Saku­ra is now com­plete­ly seri­ous about her mis­sion to cap­ture all the Clow Cards and pre­vent­ing cat­a­stro­phe from befalling the world (which Kero said is going to hap­pen some time after Saku­ra broke the seal of the Clow Cards in the first episode). This is a resolve that won’t break. We also find out that the cata­t­ro­phe will only effect cer­tain peo­ple, and to those cer­tain peo­ple, it may even be worse than the world just sim­ply ending.

Cerberus Swag

Lookin’ good there, Keroberos

Tomoyo Swag

You know, I won­der if there’s offi­cial mer­chan­dise for this…

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