Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 29

Make Syaoran's high temperature'd face bake a cake

CCS? Praise the sun!

Here’s anoth­er fun episode to sit through before we ful­ly enter the sec­ond sea­son — “Saku­ra’s Sweeeeet Cook­ing”. Our lit­tle hero­ine learns how to bake a deli­cious cake in home econ class! Nat­u­ral­ly, she’s pumped. Of course, since this is Card­cap­tor Saku­ra, mag­i­cal hin­drances are abound.

Yamato Nadeshiko - Fujitaka is number one

Some­one once told me that Fuji­ta­ka was more of a yam­a­to nadeshiko than his own wife, whose name is Nadeshiko. And I agree, this dude is lit­er­al­ly the per­fect wife hus­band and a gen­uine­ly good-natured, soft-spo­ken human being.

It’s no sur­prise that such a gen­tle man had a hand in bring­ing such a pure­ly kind and love­able daughter.

You cer­tain­ly don’t see many ani­me dudes bak­ing adorably deli­cious straw­ber­ry cakes, anyhow.

Sakura's floaty expression is always hnnng

Saku­ra’s reac­tion to Ms. Mizuki


Syao­ran’s reac­tion to Ms. Mizuki

You guys are going to love the actu­al expla­na­tion for this stark contrast.


(Meil­ing vocal­iz­ing the icon­ic wed­ding jin­gle) PAPA PAPANG PAPA PAPANG

Meiling, chill

Meil­ing… chill

One of the things I like about Meil­ing is that she can make me cringe and laugh at the same time.

Anoth­er amus­ing Meil­ing moment:


She almost burns down Syao­ran’s apart­ment com­plex because she was­n’t patient and turned the oven heat up way too high. Appar­ent­ly, she’s great at cook­ing Chi­nese food, but is hor­ri­bly inept at cook­ing any­thing else.

She’s adorably per­sis­tent though, much to Syao­ran’s dis­may. I don’t have any cousins that are as overzeal­ous as Meil­ing (which is a good thing since, well, her devo­tion is due to roman­tic feel­ings which I per­son­al­ly would­n’t be com­fort­able with in the case of any of my cousins), but I can imag­ine how much of a headache Syao­ran has with her around.

Just a cute lil girl baking

Hm… this cam­era angle seems kin­da POV-ish.”

whoa momma shes a hottie


You sure have been star­ing at Saku­ra a lot late­ly, Syao­ran. You’re not check­ing her out, right?


He was so deep in his lit­tle thoughts until Meil­ing pulled the bowl out of his arms. 😛

anime rika has a daddy complex

Ter­a­da-sen­sei reminds me a lot of my dad.”

Aw… c’mon, Rika. Don’t say that. Con­sid­er­ing how far the minor (and sur­pris­ing­ly fair­ly inno­cent, whether you approve of it or not) loli­con rela­tion­ship went in the man­ga, you say­ing that sud­den­ly makes it sound real­ly, real­ly bad.

Grant­ed, it’s hand-waved as a most­ly one-sided crush in the ani­me (with Mr. Ter­a­da being aware and not know­ing how to han­dle it), so were they intend­ing to make Rika come across as a girl with a father com­plex instead? Hm.


(whole class in uni­son) あまーい!

And we arrive at the prob­lem of the day! Despite the class work­ing real­ly hard on their cakes and fol­low­ing the recipes to a tee, all of their cakes end­ed up being way too sweet.

Anom­aly? You bet! It’s clear­ly the work of a Clow Card. In par­tic­u­lar, The Sweet card. I just find it amus­ing that Kero is ini­tial­ly con­vinced that every­one just made the same mis­take while bak­ing. With a bunch of mag­i­cal cards being released onto Tomoe­da and him being famil­iar with all of them, should­n’t The Sweet have come to mind immediately?

A school made out of chocolate... Yummy!

The Sweet card is… inter­est­ing. Along with adding too much sug­ar into peo­ple’s con­coc­tions, it’s able to change inan­i­mate objects (hope­ful­ly not peo­ple) into actu­al sweets.


Saku­ra knows what she’s hav­ing for dessert tonight. 😛

nice sakura is nice

Saku­ra defrosts Syao­ran some more when she shows even more of her kind­ness by refus­ing to sac­ri­fice his group’s cake in order to cap­ture the Clow Card. Daaaaw.


Eat salt, you fiend!

Eat salt, you fiend!


That’ll teach ya’, jerk!

Orig­i­nal SD scene

ill forgive you if you make me 1000 oreos tho

A destroy­er of cakes does­n’t deserve Mad­house­’s gor­geous stock ani­ma­tions. Remem­ber that!

Obvious Syaoran is the best Syaoran

My favorite Bat­tle Couple

Or, at least, they’ll grow into that sta­tus lat­er on. It’s too cute!



Rock sol­id cake, lit­er­al­ly. I love how Syao­ran’s cake end­ed up tast­ing bad any­way because of Meiling.

Lethal chefs, for the win!

Just like any other little boy, though

The episode ends off with Syao­ran clear­ly being deep in thought. We don’t hear those thoughts, but any­body can infer that he’s cur­rent­ly con­fused about his feel­ings — he’s star­ing at Yuk­i­to and Saku­ra. He does a dou­ble-take when Meil­ing drags him away.

kewt appron for cute girl

This time, Kero’s seg­ment talks about Saku­ra’s extreme­ly cute apron. Or is it just a nor­mal apron worn by an extreme­ly cute Sakura?


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