Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 30


Oh my god, it’s the pre­cur­sor to Eifie.

Here’s an episode from the first sea­son that I real­ly like and find real­ly mem­o­rable. A lot of fans born in the west seem to eas­i­ly recall The Dash episode from the Card­cap­tors dub.… and to my shame, so do I. And I some­times want to kill myself for it. I often for­get that, yes, there was once a time where I actu­al­ly enjoyed that piece of trash dub and this episode was what got me into it (and then dropped it and went onto the Card­cap­tor Saku­ra man­ga trans­lat­ed by Toky­opop + the subbed anime).

Cute is not strange!

Saku­ra begins the episode fight­ing The Dash, and when she almost cap­tures it using Windy, it force­ful­ly breaks free from its bind­ing winds and runs away; hurt­ing its leg in the process.

All CCS girls are adorably innocent

And here comes a one-shot ani­me-orig­i­nal char­ac­ter: Tachibana Rei (inter­est­ing­ly, she shares her sur­name with that lit­tle girl from episode 7), who finds The Dash in her back­yard and tends its wounds, form­ing a friend­ly bond with it. The Dash basi­cal­ly becomes her pet and she names it “Pee­wee”.

I kind of wish Rei became a recur­ring char­ac­ter for the ani­me — I love her design since it’s cute and tomboy­ish, and she makes a pret­ty good sen­pai for Saku­ra. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this is her only episode. 

Duuuuuuude it still looks like Eifie to me

Just use Wish.

Yeah, she's basically cheating without knowing it

Most like­ly to show its affec­tion, The Dash basi­cal­ly helps Rei (unknow­ing­ly) cheat dur­ing her races, giv­ing her a boost in speed.

Flustered Sakura is also cute

Flus­tered Saku­ra is also cute

Saku­ra’s own con­flict in the episode comes when she befriends Rei, who clear­ly loves “Pee­wee” very much and con­sid­ers it her good-luck charm. As the Card­cap­tor, she needs to catch the card or cat­a­stro­phe will befall the world. But, if she cap­tures the card, that would make Rei very sad, and she’ll pos­si­bly lose the upcom­ing race. On the oth­er hand, Kero makes a good point when he says that rely­ing on mag­ic and not suc­ceed­ing with your own pow­er isn’t very healthy either.

Well now

Of course, we’re for­get­ting anoth­er per­son in Tomoe­da whose made it his duty to track down the cards as well: Syao­ran! Not hav­ing idea any what’s going on right now, he sim­ply strum­bles upon the area in which he feels the pres­ence of a Clow Card and, well, Pee­wee ends up run­ning away…


…and after a moment of hes­i­ta­tion, Saku­ra uses this chance to cap­ture it. Since Syao­ran was the one that lured it towards Saku­ra with a bar­rage of Raitei Shorai, the card goes to him.

Poor Rei


Aw no


Poor Sakura! ;_;

Saku­ra ;_;

You know what to do, Syaoran

Hm, it looks like Syao­ran has an idea.

Athletic short-haired tomboys = cuuuute

Don’t give up hope just yet.

It still looks like a Pokemon to me

You just need some moti­va­tion. Here’s a rare Pokemon.

wow cool

Look at Syao­ran

I'm Bruce Lee, BITCHES!

Try­ing to act all cool.

It seems like Syao­ran sum­moned The Dash for a split sec­ond dur­ing Rei’s big tour­na­ment. Your auto­mat­ic assump­tion would be that he helped Rei to cheat, break­ing Kero’s very good point he made ear­li­er about vic­to­ries being mean­ing­less if it’s by cheat­ing with mag­ic… but let’s wait just a bit.

Chiharu pls


(Look at Naoko’s face. Look at it.)

hnnnnng always love it when my otp is in the same shot

So, did Syao­ran help Rei cheat with The Dash card? Of course not.

See my swag, Sakura. You know ya love me

Card­cap­tor Saku­ra does­n’t break do any asspulls. Syao­ran just brought the lit­tle guy along, so Rei could see it one last time. Her vic­to­ry dur­ing her final race was all due to her own power.

There are cer­tain oth­er sto­ries that have pulled that sort of cheap stunt — where their “good luck cheats” (so to speak) get used one last time as “an excep­tion”, and every­one lives hap­pi­ly ever after through a bro­ken aesop. I absolute­ly love it how Card­cap­tor Saku­ra nev­er falls into that pile of filth, espe­cial­ly in this episode.

Earn your happy ending

You just haf­ta earn your hap­py end­ing, man. Earn it, dammit.

Double Yayness


i will fight you

And we close off the episode with Leave it to Kero-chan, where he talks about today’s cute bat­tle cos­tume. Can you believe that some old lady called it strange ear­li­er in the episode (when Saku­ra was almost caught prowl­ing when she was try­ing to find the injured Dash)? She can go shove off. It’s. Cute.

Oh yeah, I hear sum­mer’s a good sea­son for base­ball.

2 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 30

  1. How is the rewatch going so far? I’d love to watch it again but is it ever the same as when you first watch the show? 🙂

    1. @Rei: It’s going great so far, watch­ing the actu­al Blu-rays on my HD TV is cer­tain­ly a gor­geous experience. 😀
      It’s hard to describe, but yeah, it’s nev­er the same as when you first watch it. You start remem­ber­ing the feel­ings you had when you first gave it a go, but it’s nev­er real­ly the same feel­ing. For me, this is prob­a­bly my favorite anime/manga series, hands down, so nat­u­ral­ly I already gave it mul­ti­ple rounds in the past — while it’s nev­er as mag­i­cal as it was when I first watched it, there’s always a famil­iar, uplift­ing feel­ing (again, it’s hard to describe) that makes me know for cer­tain that I’ll def­i­nite­ly come back to it again in the future. Some might call it nos­tal­gia, but I think it’s more than that, at least for me. I don’t feel the same way with oth­er series I watched as a child.
      That being said, I always try to spot things I nev­er real­ly picked up the first time around (this goes the same for any series, real­ly). Con­sid­er­ing that I’ve watched CCS dozen of times in the past — and hon­est­ly — it’s def­i­nite­ly not the kind of show where you would be spot­ting new details con­stant­ly every time (though, last episode gave me an idea to add to my head­canon about Eri­ol), but for me, it’s still a very fun thing to do regard­less. At the very least, the mem­o­ries are very fun to relive, even if it isn’t the exact same extreme­ly mag­i­cal expe­ri­ence I had the first time. 😛 And since it’s a gen­uine­ly fun and endear­ing show regard­less, I find myself just kick­ing back and enjoy­ing the time­less ride again either way. (Oh my, sor­ry for the ram­bles. I end up get­ting real­ly chat­ty when talk­ing about my feel­ings about CCS. lol)

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