Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 33

i luv em all

CCS Month end­ed, now I declare it CCS *year*.


Sor­ry for the brief hia­tus. With the remains of sum­mer already com­ing to a close (I return to col­lege AND work @ col­lege in a week) — I’ve been doing all the leisure­ly things I can pos­si­bly do in this hot weath­er. I’ve already plowed through entire CCS Blu-ray set a long time ago and with the Eng­lish release of Tales of Xil­lia 2, I’ve been doing a Tales marathon as well (it dou­bles as fam­i­ly time with my lit­tle sis­ter, since these JRPGs are mul­ti­play­er!) as well as gnaw­ing at my VB backlog.

It’s gonna be weird crawl­ing out of the rock I’ve been under these past sev­er­al weeks. Return­ing to civ­i­liza­tion, what the hell is that? Mind you, I’m still going to write reviews about the ani­me I haven’t got­ten around to review­ing yet that I promised to review ages ago.


With­out fur­ther ado, time to con­tin­ue this Card­cap­tor Saku­ra project! Snowy weath­er hits Tomoe­da and our beloved hero­ine + Tomoyo and their token Chi­nese friends go on a school trip to learn how to ice skate.

syaoran is a closeted sakura moe fanatic

Saku­ra Love tumor grow­ing strong

Syao­ran’s becom­ing increas­ing­ly flus­tered when­ev­er he catch­es sight of Saku­ra. By the end of this first sea­son, it will be painful­ly obvi­ous that he has a crush on her. And the crush just keeps grow­ing and grow­ing, and you can’t blame the kid because Saku­ra is so cute dfs­gjfk.

(O‑oh god, Tomoyo is a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the viewers…)

It must be nice to have a magical metabolism

Mag­i­cal Metabolism


Note: Snow Rab­bit Yuk­i­to would get along pret­ty well with Shag­gy (rest in peace, Casey Kasem).

Look at the size of that ben­tou. That clear­ly isn’t going to his thighs.

Serious Kero... in chibi form of course


When Saku­ra describes her pre­cog­ni­tive dream to Kero, telling him that it had a “full moon” and a “per­son with long hair” (which refers to Ms. Mizu­ki), we are treat­ed to one of his more seri­ous faces.

When Saku­ra isn’t there, he men­tions a being called “Yue” in a very nos­tal­gic tone, which will become a recur­ring thing in the sec­ond sea­son. I love the fore­shad­ow­ing, because at the same time… 

Assum­ing this ani­me is fresh to the view­er, all he/she knows for sure is that this “Yue” per­son has long hair and relates to the full moon. Ms. Mizu­ki is obvi­ous­ly a very big play­er in this whole Clow Card deal, and accord­ing to the way Kero makes it sound, this “Yue” per­son might in fact be Ms. Mizu­ki. Kero’s a guardian that draws his pow­er from the sun? Then obvi­ous­ly Ms. Mizu­ki is a guardian that draws her pow­er from the moon!

Here's a Silver Platter

To dri­ve this point into the view­er’s head even fur­ther, we get Syao­ran point­ing out that the only peo­ple who aren’t frozen by the Freeze card are the peo­ple who have mag­i­cal pow­ers… and Mizu­ki is the only per­son besides Syao­ran or Saku­ra who isn’t frozen.

Little Mr Badass Figure Skater

As we progress fur­ther and fur­ther into the Clow deck, we’re see­ing more and more of the hos­tile ones. As such, even though Saku­ra has grown in pow­er dur­ing the course of these past 32 episodes, Syao­ran’s assis­tance seems to be a lot more nec­es­sary than before. And, of course, thanks to the ani­me-exclu­sive rule of Clow Card-cap­tur­ing, some of these cards end up going to Syao­ran. In this episode, Freeze is added to Syao­ran’s (small) col­lec­tion of Clow Cards.



hey big fel­la, how about you and me blow this Pop­si­cle stand and go have some real fun? ♥”






strut it


imagine that their arms are locked

Leave it to Kero-chan! Tomoeda’s Win­ter PE uniforms

it surely breaks my wind -bad joke-

Leave it to Kero-chan! Saku­ra’s School Windbreaker

I grew up in Cal­i­for­nia and have nev­er, ever been to Lake Tahoe. Mean­ing I’ve nev­er expe­ri­enced snow my entire life. So I always enjoyed snow-relat­ed episodes such as these from every car­toon I’ve watched, ani­me or otherwise.

Two more episodes until the first movie! Speak­ing of which, PREORDER OR BUY DISCOTEK MEDIA/EASTERN STAR’S RELEASE OF THE MOVIE ON BD. I want them to get the sec­ond movie (the finale of the ani­me series) out as well, and I’m pret­ty sure good sales from the first movie real­ly helps moti­vate them.

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