Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 34

Riddle Me This

Rid­dle Me This

Here we are: it’s the sec­ond-to-last episode of the first sea­son until we get to DO-DO-DO-DREAMING (and the movie)!

This is also the first episode where no Clow Cards are cap­tured at all. In fact, the “antag­o­nist” in this episode was… the full moon (no, not that moon). In Card­cap­tor Saku­ra, mag­ic (at least when it comes to Clow Reed’s mag­ic) draws pow­er from the sun and the moon. The full moon clear­ly has an effect on Saku­ra, once again trig­ger­ing pre­cog­ni­tive visions of what appears to be the Final Judg­ment (the viison with the sil­hou­ette of a per­son who is obvi­ous­ly Ms. Mizu­ki) and also puts her in a daze.

While there was a red her­ring in the pre­vi­ous episode, this episode also gives us a cru­cial hint of who Yue actu­al­ly is…

Your life is a lie

Yuk­i­to: “My grand­par­ents love to trav­el and are hard­ly ever at home.”

Ms. Mizu­ki: “I see.”

In Cardcaptor Sakura, important answers are always interrupted

Ms. Mizu­ki: “Yuk­i­to, you’re…”

Yuk­i­to: “Yes?”


Snow Rabbit close-up

Syao­ran’s crush on Saku­ra also lev­els up in this episode. Here’s his reac­tion to Yukito:

aka the gays

Aver­age-tier blush

Cherry Blossom close-up

Now com­pare that to his reac­tion to Sakura:

moe too strong, turning straight!

He almost had a down­right heart attack! 

Syaoran and Touya still hate each other

It was also pret­ty amus­ing to see Meil­ing suck so hard at rid­dles. :3

;______; I loved this segment


I always loved this omake seg­ment — espe­cial­ly when Kero talked about Saku­ra’s bat­tle cos­tumes, but its can­cel­la­tion was always prob­a­bly for the best. With it gone, we had more time for the main fea­ture dur­ing the suc­ceed­ing seasons. 

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