Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 35


Saku­ra will take over the world…soon.

We’ve final­ly arrived! The final episode of the first sea­son. I was hop­ing to get to this a lot soon­er, but lo and behold… col­lege and work.

Aside from the axed Leave it to Kero-chan! seg­ment, as the first sea­son’s last episode, Stu­dio Mad­house decid­ed to end it off with a bang by pack­ag­ing it with a hand­ful of good­ies — mak­ing you want to jump into the sec­ond sea­son imme­di­ate­ly. It all goes up from here.

Our cute little Sakura can be dense at times

This episode begins with Saku­ra day­dream­ing in class, and the dream she had was — you guess it — the same dream she’s been hav­ing for a dozen episodes now. But this time… for the first time… this time, Saku­ra actu­al­ly starts to real­ize that it’s her teacher.

This is exactly where I started to like Meiling when I was a kid

She’s still kind of obnox­ious about the sup­posed “Li/Sakura” rival­ry going on, but in this episode, Meil­ing real­ly shows how close she’s got­ten with Saku­ra by giv­ing her kind advice.


I don’t know why, but this image res­onates with me…

(I just real­ized, we need Sakura/Kero cos­tumes for Elise/Teepo from Tales of Xil­liaNow.)



you want that cardcaptor swag girl


Syao­ran’s inter­est in Saku­ra has grown to the point where it’s obvi­ous enough for Tomoyo to pick up on.

Also, Touya’s face:

ill kill you

ill fight you


But yeah, I love how the finale of the first sea­son solid­i­fies how good of a bat­tle cou­ple team Saku­ra and Syao­ran can be. They basi­cal­ly take the poten­tial for an awe­some team dynam­ic and roll with it in lat­er episodes, play­ing it up quite a bit in many ways once Syao­ran starts to com­plete­ly defrost.

Firey is... well, firey

A good Clow Card to end off the first sea­son is obvi­ous­ly one that means seri­ous busi­ness. The Firey is the third ele­men­tal card that Saku­ra’s encoun­tered thus far, and in par­tic­u­lar, it’s pret­ty aggres­sive. Not in the same sense as with The Watery, which was scary-aggres­sive (dem teeth), this one’s just a smug prick.

(It takes more than Watery to defeat Firey, but real­ly, that’s hon­est­ly the first card I’d think of using against Firey if I was in Saku­ra’s shoes. C’mon Saku­ra-chan, you’re killing me.)



The fight with the Firey card is pret­ty much one of the ani­me’s first big moments of Saku­ra tak­ing a lev­el in badass as a magi­cian. Her progress through­out the first sea­son cul­mi­nates in her being able to call upon two top-tier cards, which takes quite a bit of mag­ic to do.

I'm not  even gonna make a bdsm reference

The com­bi­na­tion of Windy and Watery against Firey has got to be one of the most kick­ass card cap­tures in the entire ani­me — it’s prac­ti­cal­ly one of my favorites.

One step closer to Onosaka

Upon the cap­ture of Firey, our bro Ker­oberos regains some of his lost pow­er. As his sym­bol is the sun, he needs the Firey and Earthy cards to regain his true form.

The fun­ny thing is, in the man­ga, Firey is the ONLY card he needs — and that makes sense; his true form only ever breathes fire. I don’t mind the ani­me extend­ing things a lit­tle by adding an extra require­ment, it’s always wel­come, but… uh. It’s one of those ques­tion­able addi­tions. Anoth­er card could have fit nice­ly with Kero, but it just does­n’t feel right unless it’s anoth­er high-lev­el ele­men­tal card. Windy’s the only one that comes to mind, since Kero flies but then again, Saku­ra had that card by default and his plush form flies any­way, so…?

Still, I love how the ani­me kind of makes a jab at view­ers who were famil­iar with the source mate­r­i­al when this had aired.

Saku­ra: “Does this mean you can return to your true form?! 😀

Kero: “…Not yet!

Saku­ra: “D:



Enjoying the view, eh Syaoran

Enjoy­ing the view, eh Syaoran?

Kero is the true Santa Claus

The episode ends off with our char­ac­ters enjoy­ing the remain­der of Christ­mas, with Kero’s new­ly regained fire pow­ers adding a beau­ti­ful back­drop to the scenery. All with Catch You Catch Me as an insert song. Could­n’t have end­ed the first sea­son off bet­ter myself!

Next up: Our favorite lit­tle Card­cap­tor takes a trip to Hong Kong in the ani­me’s first the­atri­cal film! And I’m get­ting it on Blu-ray very soon. Pre-ordered and ready to go!

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