Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!
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It’s final­ly 2015 on my side of the world, guys! I did­n’t do a “12 Days of Ani­me” count­down for the end of 2014, but I’m still up to share some blurbs of my Japan­ese-relat­ed high­lights of 2014 all in one post (exclud­ing Fanime, you can see that post here).

haters gotta hate

Sekai Project English release of the Grisaia visual novel trilogy announced

Just more weeb merch to spend my mon­ey on! I’m obvi­ous­ly stay­ing away from the ani­me adap­ta­tion (lol), and I was even­tu­al­ly going to get around to Gri­sa­ia no Kajit­su (first game) any­way espe­cial­ly since my peers clear­ly loved the shit out of it, so it was a treat to hear that the whole tril­o­gy (and the hilar­i­ous mag­i­cal girl par­o­dy) were get­ting released all at once, for us.

…def­i­nite­ly get­ting the adult ver­sions, by the way. Isn’t this visu­al nov­el series pret­ty lewd to begin with? Being prude about the H‑scenes makes lit­tle sense. But peo­ple make lit­tle sense. So whatever.

(Here’s the Kick­starter. I love it how they were forced to remove the daki­maku­ra bonus­es for back­ers when there are worse things to be found on Kick­starter. “War on weird Japan­ese things”? War on weird Japan­ese things.)


The classics make a comeback

Sailor Moon Crys­tal gets a lot of flack for the bad ani­ma­tion, but hon­est­ly, that’s just typ­i­cal Toei. It’s still nice to see it come back after all these years, more faith­ful to the man­ga at that.

Not only that, but Digi­mon Adven­ture was revealed to be mak­ing a come­back with a sec­ond sequel, Digi­mon Adven­ture tri.


Little sister playing through Shenmue

Shen­mue (the first game and II) is, hands down, one of my favorite video game series of all time, for one of my favorite video game con­soles of all time (the Sega Dream­cast), which has been dying for a prop­er clo­sure for 14 years now. My baby sis­ter has seen me play through Yu Suzuk­i’s mas­ter­piece (note that I don’t use this term that often) numer­ous times, but this hol­i­day was the first time she’s played through them herself.

It’s a great feel­ing reliv­ing the leg­end through her eyes. I usu­al­ly do annu­al playthroughs of the game, but this year, it was all her.

Speak­ing of New Years, Shen­mue was released two years before New Years day, 15 years ago. Hope­ful­ly we’ll get Shen­mue III someday.


Kantai Collection getting an anime

Kan­Colle has quick­ly become one of my favorite online strat­e­gy card bat­tle games (well, it’s not like I play too many of those…). Who knew naval ships could be so cute? I’m sure the ani­me adap­ta­tion won’t be any­thing amaz­ing, but it’ll prob­a­bly be an enjoy­able watch nonethe­less. All the quirky voice actress­es like Touya­ma Nao are repris­ing their (mul­ti­ple) roles from the orig­i­nal game, so that will cer­tain­ly be a treat.

(Am I the only per­son that finds it odd­ly fit­ting that the stu­dio (Diomedéa) ani­mat­ing Kan­Colle is the same stu­dio that ani­mat­ed Squid Girl?)

She is eternal

Image Cred­it: 黎(クロイ) from Pixiv

Cardcaptor Sakura everything

Last but not least, 2014 was a great year for North Amer­i­can Card­cap­tor Saku­ra fans. The entire Blu-ray set of the TV series final­ly saw North Amer­i­can waters thanks to NISA, and same goes for the first movie, cour­tesy of Dis­cotek Media.

Now I await the announce­ment for a North Amer­i­can release of the sec­ond film’s Blu-ray. As it stands, 2015 is look­ing to be a great year for CCS too, as there are myr­i­ads of mer­chan­dise set to come out in cel­e­bra­tion of CLAM­P’s 25th anniver­sary, as well as art­work by the cir­cle themselves.

Dur­ing 2014, my blog­ging of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra final­ly reached the end of the first sea­son and the movie. My New Years res­o­lu­tion for the blog is this: fin­ish blog­ging the rest of the series, as well as post more often. With that being said, have a won­der­ful new year, everyone.

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