KA~N~KO~RE! Kantai Collection TVアニメ 始まります! (Rant incoming)

Shoukaku is greatness


(EDIT: Oh lord, just read this)

Just a small rant before I get into my first impres­sions of the first episode, because I’m eas­i­ly annoyed by the anime(-only) fan­dom. I’m writ­ing this in bed while the flu kills my body, so it might not be as coher­ent or friend­ly as I’d like it to be, but whatever.

I won­der how many aniblog­gers actu­al­ly played Kan­tai Col­lec­tion before touch­ing the ani­me? To be hon­est, I would­n’t be sur­prised if I’m the only one that has so far. For me, I was always inter­est­ed in Kan­tai Col­lec­tion because of the huge dou­jin and Pix­iv com­mu­ni­ty. Then I start­ed to actu­al­ly to play Kan­tai Col­lec­tion despite it being restrict­ed to Japan. How did I do this? Basi­cal­ly, I became an admi­ral by enter­ing DMM’s dai­ly lot­ter­ies via VPN (to use a Japan­ese IP address) and I’ve been play­ing the game with­out a proxy via API link ever since.

Hon­est­ly, I always found the whole prospect of watch­ing an “adap­ta­tion” like this with­out being a fan before­hand extreme­ly sil­ly. Of course it’s not going to make sense to you. Of course you’re not going to get its pan­der­ing to the fan­base. It’s for peo­ple who have played the game before. For a fan com­mu­ni­ty-dri­ven fran­chise with pop­u­lar­i­ty rival­ing Touhou Project, it’s only nat­ur­al that Diomedéa would have the fans in mind while pro­duc­ing the anime.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, yes, that does­n’t include appeal­ing to the west­ern “ani­me fan­dom” that haven’t even heard of nor played my ship girls (com­pare this to Japan, where the player­base for Kan­Colle is pret­ty huge). SURPISING, ISN’T IT?

I hon­est­ly despise how some ani­me-only view­ers here (and I mean that lit­er­al­ly, peo­ple who only watch ani­me peri­od) feel that every­thing needs to be geared towards them. Some view­ers jumped into the ani­me being ful­ly aware of what it real­ly was deep down and either enjoyed it regard­less or dropped it because they real­ized they would­n’t be about to get it unless they’re fans of the game, which is fine and dandy, but then there’s the peo­ple who igno­rant­ly bash the ani­me to the ground sim­ply because they aren’t play­ers of the game and feel it needs to be more “stand­alone”, “ani­me-only-friend­ly”, or what­ev­er the fuck. The same “what core audi­ence?” mind­set that has, by the way, ruined many of my favorite video game franchises.

All of the sug­ges­tions make me cringe. I don’t want Kan­Colle to be grim­dark. I don’t want them to use dif­fer­ent voice actress­es for the ships that share the same voice actress­es in the game. I don’t want them to nuke the ship count to have a “small var­ied cast”.

I also don’t want the admi­ral to be an actu­al char­ac­ter because the admi­ral is sup­posed to be what we envi­sion the admi­ral to be — usu­al­ly it’s us. Some­one cit­ed the Pro­duc­er from A‑1 Pic­ture’s THE iDOLM@STER ani­me being a suc­cess­ful char­ac­ter with a face despite him being a play­er avatar in the games. There’s a few prob­lems with this comparison:

1) Despite being name­able, with no canon name, Pro­duc­er has dialogue.

2) The Pro­duc­er from that ani­me isn’t even the same Pro­duc­er from THE iDOLM@STER or the one from THE iDOLM@STER 2. In fact, every Pro­duc­er tends to be dif­fer­ent in every incar­na­tion. The new THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ani­me even has a dif­fer­ent Producer.

Where­as, the admi­ral in Kan­Colle is lit­er­al­ly us. We name the admi­ral. We choose the admi­ral’s gen­der. The admi­ral does­n’t talk, we just do the click­ing. The admi­ral is sup­posed to be us. We’re all dif­fer­ent admi­rals as evi­dent in the “psudeo PVP” por­tion of the game (the Exer­cis­es). Or rather, the admi­ral could be any­thing the play­er head­canons him/her to be. In this light, it’s a good move that they keep the admi­ral unseen, as the admi­rals watch­ing the ani­me will be alien­at­ed by a pre-designed char­ac­ter — as I said, the fan com­mu­ni­ty for Kan­tai Col­lec­tion and Touhou Project are huge and are influ­en­tial for a lot of the enjoy­ment one par­takes in these fran­chis­es. If there’s any­thing they’d do wrong with the admi­ral, it’s to imply that the admi­ral’s a man (female admi­ral 2gud), but they haven’t real­ly done that.

That isn’t to say that por­tray­ing the admi­ral as a face char­ac­ter like some oth­er offi­cial­ly-rec­og­nized pub­li­ca­tions is nec­es­sar­i­ly wrong, but… strange deploy­ment deci­sions aside, I pre­fer this bet­ter. It reminds me of the admi­ral’s many amus­ing Pix­iv depic­tions where his face is replaced with a T (for 提督 teitoku).

Among the ani­me-only view­ers, there are some who took a pass­ing notice of Kan­Colle going viral on the inter­net, but nev­er real­ly knew much about it and want­ed watch the ani­me in order to be “in the loop”. Just straight up: the best way to be in the loop is to actu­al­ly play the game. It’s an online game with no sol­id frame­work to base a plot around, so in order to ful­ly enjoy the ani­me, you’re going to have to enjoy the nature of the game by expe­ri­enc­ing it first hand. (Or enjoy­ing the ani­me for what it is with­out the source mate­r­i­al, but it’s much eas­i­er to have fun doing the former.)

Onto my com­ments regard­ing the ani­me itself (as an estab­lished fan):

Nice to meet you! I'm Fubuki! Thanks for having me!

I guess it makes sense for Fubu­ki to be the main ship girl in the ani­me because she’s the first default ship you ever see. You can kind of say she’s the Pikachu of Kan­tai Col­lec­tion (or more accu­rate­ly, Fushigi­dane as it’s the first mon on the orig­i­nal dex and avail­able from the start in RGB, where­as Pikachu was­n’t even imme­di­ate­ly obtain­able until Yellow).

Also, I bare­ly rec­og­nized Fubu­ki because she looks sort of… dis­con­nect­ed from her game art. I can’t real­ly put my fin­ger on it, but it’s dif­fer­ent.



Shi­makaze only gets one short scene in the ani­me. Hope­ful­ly, she’ll appear more as the ani­me pro­gress­es. She’s one of the more pop­u­lar ships, after all!

I don’t hate Fubu­ki, but I like Shi­makaze bet­ter. I know she’s sort of over­rat­ed in the Kan­Colle fan­dom, but she’s my favorite (along with Shoukaku and Amat­sukaze). I can do with Fubu­ki as the main char­ac­ter, but Shi­makaze should have had more screen­time com­pared to…Naka.



Those lit­tle Destroyers




Kan­Colle ani­me poi count: 19

(yes, we’re count­ing, shut up!)


I’m going to be hon­est: I bare­ly use Yuu­dachi in any of my fleets. But now the ani­me’s seri­ous­ly mak­ing me reconsider.

Kitakami is queen, Ooi is shit

Now shut the fuck up and let me fin­ish my parfait.”

Ooi is an eager beaver for her sis­ter’s beaver” — Mr. Lex


The sor­ties in the ani­me were fun to watch — decent action, I’d say. How­ev­er, the ani­me’s use of CGI is still some­what dis­tract­ing. It was pass­able, but I’d rather they do away with it entirely.




Whoa, they’re actu­al­ly keep­ing the lewd crit­i­cal dam­age CGs for the anime.

In the game, when your ship gets dam­aged to red health (in which they’re giv­en invis­i­bil­i­ty for that bat­tle only), send­ing them into a sub­se­quent bat­tle will cause them to sink if they’re hit (you need to retreat and dock your sink to avoid los­ing your pre­cious daugh­ters permanently).

I won­der if they’ll ever sink a ship in this anime.

If they do, I hope it’s Naka.


Non-admi­rals will not know what this thing is

Over­all, although I pre­fer the offi­cial 4‑koma over the ani­me, the ani­me’s still an enjoy­able watch as a fan of Kan­tai Col­lec­tion. Hope­ful­ly sub­se­quent episodes will focus on oth­er ships and intro­duce ones that weren’t seen in this episode (like Tenryuu).

3 thoughts on “KA~N~KO~RE! Kantai Collection TVアニメ 始まります! (Rant incoming)

  1. It’s bound to hap­pen and while I felt the same way some­what, I don’t think they should nec­es­sar­i­ly need to change it to make it friend­lier to peo­ple who haven’t played the game. I think the show will sort itself out by prop­er­ly intro­duc­ing most of the pop­u­lar char­ac­ters. Still, it was enjoy­able despite not know­ing most of the char­ac­ters, besides the few they intro­duced in the first episode.

    Still, while I have some inter­est in the fran­chise, I did­n’t both­er play­ing the actu­al game since I don’t real­ly play brows­er, social or mobile games, but there is too many hoops to jump through to play the game in addi­tion to the lot­tery thing. Maybe once the Vita ver­sion of the game comes out, I sup­pose peo­ple can just import that if they want to play it although it prob­a­bly won’t get as many updates com­pared to the brows­er ver­sion, but at least it’s something.

    1. @chikorita157: Gonna watch the sec­ond episode and hope my favorite ships appear. 😛
      The reg­is­tra­tion and lot­tery all sound con­vo­lut­ed, but they actu­al­ly aren’t that hard to get through. The only handy work is to make a DMM acount Eng­lish is fine), download+use VPN, and go on the site dur­ing the sched­uled time to refresh every 5~10 min­utes until a server’s avail­able for you to become an adr­mi­al. The prob­lem is that one has to make time for when­ev­er it’s sup­posed to be (mind­ful of Japan­ese timezones).

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