Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 36

Catchy, shortlived opening




I real­ize that it’s already April 2nd in Japan, but since it’s still Saku­ra’s birthday/CLAMP Day here at least, I should get off my lazy bum and con­tin­ue with these posts!

Now that our lit­tle detour in Hong Kong is over and done with, the sec­ond sea­son blog­ging of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra is final­ly under­way. Where­as the first sea­son is pret­ty hefty (35 episodes!), this is actu­al­ly rel­a­tive­ly short — it’s just com­prised of the very tail-end of the Clow Card arc, and let’s just say that the sec­ond sea­son of CCS is as “long” as one aver­age ani­me series (one cour, 11~12 episodes).

The birthday girl

The birth­day girl, ladies and gentleman

The first episode of the sec­ond sea­son starts off with one of Saku­ra’s pre­cog­ni­tive dreams. By this point, it’s obvi­ous to even Saku­ra that it’s Ms. Mizu­ki that’s appear­ing in these dream.

Saku­ra also pro­vides anoth­er intro­duc­to­ry nar­ra­tion à la first episode for the kid­dies, since the show went on a break at the time of its air­ing . Start­ing here, a new school term for Saku­ra has start­ed and our cute lit­tle Card­cap­tor is now a full-fledged fifth grad­er! Which, of course, means she’s one year old­er since the pre­vi­ous school term.

Insert the dread­ful gasps of loli­cons every­where as the clock clos­es in on the queen. Well, not that even loli­cons would lewd Saku­ra to begin with.

And Saku­ra will nev­er stop being cute if the epi­logue of the man­ga and non-grim depic­tions of TRC Saku­ra are any­thing to go by. Saku­ra’s eter­nal, and such estab­lished facts can­not be overturned.


Okay, I’ll stop.

Best girl, best birthday, ten out of ten

It may be Saku­ra ‘s birth­day in real life, but in-uni­verse it’s already passed. Luck­i­ly Yuk­i­to is nice enough to give her a late birth­day present (a cute watch).

Saku­ra will pro­tect this watch with her life, god dammit.

sad lolita

By the way, a new school term means Saku­ra’s home­room teacher has changed as well (now it’s Mizu­ki instead of Terada).

Don’t wor­ry Rika, once you’re legal, you’ll be able to open­ly be with him for­ev­er. At least in the manga.

Cute hoodies + Sakura = transcending cuteness that breaks the fabric of reality

The Clow Card of the day is Snow, and it gets its ass kicked by Saku­ra when it makes her lose Yuk­i­to’s watch. Saku­ra may be cute, but.… just don’t piss her off.

(Future Saku­ra’s hus­ban­do, pro-tip: don’t fight with her for the remote.)


That feel when your crush asks you to ride with her on her fly­ing mag­ic wand.

…Huh. Well, actu­al­ly, I don’t know that feel.

Here's some hnnnnghhhh Syaoran-kun

You’re so kind…”

Tomato boy

Spaghet­ti, with extra toma­to sauce

The Syao­ran × Saku­ra gets stronger in sea­son two and it real­ly shows in the first episode. Saku­ra’s slow­ly becom­ing the apple of his eye, and it was real­ly cute when he offered to find the watch for her, despite it prob­a­bly being buried under all of that snow… any­where in the city.

Luck­i­ly, the ever-so-sus­pi­cious Ms. Mizu­ki found the watch anyway.

fcking hate that lady grumble

I want­ed to find the watch for her.


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  1. Aw, why did you stop blog­ging about CCS?? I stum­bled across your blog by chance (or hit­suzen?) today, had fun rid­ing the nos­tal­gia wave read­ing through all the posts, and then sud­den­ly there are no more. :’(

    1. @SimplyRed77: I’m plan­ning on con­tin­u­ing this lat­er this year because of the Clear Card ani­me adap­ta­tion com­ing out next year. I’ve been on a bit of a blog­ging hia­tus because of school, but I will be back. 🙂

      1. Oh, great! I’m look­ing for­ward to read­ing them. 🙂 Good luck with school!

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