Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 13 — Thoughts

Based Illya, be nice to her

Please be gen­tle ;_;7

Fate/stay night Unlim­it­ed Blade Works sec­ond sea­son aired over a dozen hours ago in Japan, but I only just watched it a cou­ple of hours ago. 780p encodes are all this ter­ri­ble com­put­er can han­dle. /sadface

Any­ways, I was­n’t dis­ap­point­ed by what I saw. But that can be attrib­uted to me already hav­ing expe­ri­enced Unlim­it­ed Blade Works through the VN and just want­i­ng to see it done faith­ful­ly by tal­ent­ed ani­ma­tors. It’s Ufotable, so it does­n’t take much to sat­is­fy in that regard, but I won­der if the hype was worth it for peo­ple who only ever watch ani­me? That was a pret­ty killer wait and the hype­train was like over 100,000,000km. Well, whatever.

So, as I pray

The OP ani­ma­tion is fan­tas­tic. The song itself, Brave Shine by Aimer, is an alright song. I still think “This Illu­sion” and “Hori­zon” fit bet­ter with Unlim­it­ed Blade Works than any­thing, but whatever.

More Based Illya

The shots of Illya/Berserker, Lancer, Cast­er, and Assas­sin stand­ing on water reminds me of the Heav­en’s Feel Vita open­ing.

Archer's mental world

Sil­ver platter

Bakuya and Kanshuu

Ufotable’s been shov­ing Archer’s iden­ti­ty down the view­er’s skulls, so a new­com­er has to be real­ly, real­ly slow if they haven’t fig­ured it out by now. Espe­cial­ly since this very episode brings up the fact that two of Rin’s one-of-a-kind pen­dant exists.

C’mon guys.

This arouses Caster

Oh boy, we final­ly got the Ufotable ver­sion of the scene that start­ed the run­ning gag of Cast­er being creep­i­ly obsessed with Saber.

Have some lewd­ness, Saber fanboys~


Wait, in the VN, I always thought Archer warmed Rin up with the red cloak ass cape he was wearing.

How­ev­er, accord­ing to the Ufotable ani­me, HE TRACES A RED JACKET?

Holy shit, that reminds me of DEEN/stay night…

*flash­back to 2006*


Nev­er speak of this again.



dat everything

Ufotable’s expert keyframe tran­si­tions makes it look like Archer’s sur­prised by Rin’s bud­ding low­er body. A++

He has GOALS

Note Archer’s reac­tion to Rin say­ing “Shi­rou will prob­a­bly be able to make a new pact with Saber.”

archer worst girl

Zer­ob­a­b­bies: “Why is Archer one of the most pop­u­lar char­ac­ters when he betrays Rin and joins Cast­er? Fuck­ing jerk! Gil­gamesh is a muu­u­u­uch bet­ter Archer.”

Ufotable Rin is so fucking cute, holy shit

Assum­ing you haven’t seen the UBW movie, if you’re an ani­me-only fan of the Fate fran­chise, this is prob­a­bly the first time you see Rin break out of her tough “ide­al magus” facade.

Although, I’ve for­got­ten if they’ve already did so in DEEN filler…

shirou you baka face!

I bet ani­me-only fans are shocked that a male char­ac­ter actu­al­ly con­fessed their feel­ings to a female character.

Which will kind of per­plex me since a lot of peo­ple shit on the DEEN ani­me, but Shi­rou also con­fess­es to Saber in that one, which will make me once again ques­tion if they actu­al­ly watched it and shit on it for its actu­al flaws or because of “lol old animation”.

Best Romantic CG

Ufotable’s sol­id effort real­ly shows when you com­pare the ani­mat­ed scene to the orig­i­nal VN. The Shirou/Rin scene in the VN was always my favorite con­fes­sion scene among the three hero­ines, but I actu­al­ly like Ufotable’s bet­ter, espe­cial­ly with them being giv­en new appro­pri­ate attire.

Any­who, the next episode is called コルキスの王女 (Princess of Colchis), which will most like­ly be an expand­ed ver­sion of Cast­er’s back­ground sto­ry. I’m look­ing for­ward to ufotable pos­si­bly adding their own expand­ed scenes, plus details from side mate­ri­als. Like extra Illya’s scenes + her expe­ri­ences before the 5th Holy Grail War (call­ing it, since Illya is strange­ly promi­nent in the Ufotable trail­ers), Kuzuk­i’s back­sto­ry as a child assas­sin, etc.


And last but not least, Archer’s life as Emiya Shi­rou post-5th Holy Grail War. Prefer­ably his Kamen Rid­er days as shown in Fate/Extra CCC.[/SPOILER]

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