Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 14 + 15 — Thoughts (R.I.P. Best Girls, no Die Lorelei, etc.)


Ufotable’s been doing a great job of mak­ing me like the Unlim­it­ed Blade Works ani­me bet­ter than the visu­al nov­el, although the sound­track could still be a bit more… ver­bose. I’m scared of how under­whelm­ing the oth­er par­tic­u­lar songs are going to be remixed by Fukasawa.

Well, any­way, onto the rain of praise (and oth­er­wise — Ufotable isn’t per­fect after all, gasp).

Super Caster!

Cast­er sav­ing orphans is a thing now

We had a ton of expan­sion to the source mate­r­i­al in these cou­ple of episodes. For one, we get a lot more on Medea as a Ser­vant before join­ing hands with Kuzu­ki. Though her first Mas­ter was­n’t exact­ly what I envi­sioned him to be when I read the brief descrip­tion of him by Cast­er in the visu­al nov­el. Let’s just chalk this up to a glo­ri­ous Nat­su retcon…because it’s not like his uni­verse isn’t already con­fus­ing as it is with­out them.

Noth­ing like set­ting moral dis­so­nance in Fate/stay night than putting orphans in a blender and turn­ing them into mag­ic crys­tals. (Why is it always the orphans?!)



Wow Gil­gamesh, tak­ing the term “Lady Killer” a lit­tle too lit­er­al­ly, huh? Not only were you fat­ed to kill the best girl as per the source mate­r­i­al, but you also appar­ent­ly killed the oth­er two best girls in the same route, accord­ing to the anime.

Bye Sel­la and Liz, it’s been a fan­tas­tic five min­utes of screen­time, as opposed to cer­tain oth­er ass­holes. See ya’ in Fate/kaleid lin­er Pris­ma Illya 2wei Herz!… ahem.

For the record, you nev­er actu­al­ly see them die in the visu­al nov­el, they just dis­ap­pear halfway through all the routes. I guess it makes sense in UBW that they got killed by Gil­gamesh by the time Shi­rou arrives at the cas­tle to see the slaugh­ter… and that both­ers me. I mean, what on Earth hap­pened to them in the oth­er routes? They prob­a­bly sur­vived Fate

Iri, stahp

The extra mate­r­i­al Ufotable added to the ani­me with more of Illya’s expe­ri­ences before the Fifth Holy Grail War was an excel­lent move, con­sid­er­ing how lit­tle invest­ment the onlook­ers have with her with­in this route, espe­cial­ly if you’re only expe­ri­enc­ing the ani­me or came off watch­ing Fate/Zero (doing the lat­ter is a bad idea in gen­er­al, but I’m not going to pre­tend that bad ideas don’t exist).

I per­son­al­ly liked the extra touch of Fate/Zero’s Avenger!Iris sort of influ­enc­ing Illya’s deci­sion to tar­get her younger broth­er in the war, as well as Illya’s inter­ac­tions with the failed Less­er Grails. New mate­r­i­al that adds to the source mate­r­i­al that I’ve already seen is always a good bonus to watch­ing adap­ta­tions. At least… it should be. Thank­ful­ly it’s the case here.

BFFs yes

Berserker, you're the strongest

イリヤ 「バーサーカーは、強いね―――」

This episode’s adap­ta­tion + expan­sion on Illya is so well done that it’s a damn shame they did­n’t use Die Lorelei in any of these scenes. What the shit, Ufotable! I’m pret­ty sure one of the 2sad4me tracks from the VN (remixed) played at the very begin­ning of the sec­ond sea­son, so…why? When I played the VN, Type-Moon pulled off a neat car­ry-over effect when I cried bitch tears when this song played dur­ing Gil­gamesh’s loli/Heracles slaugh­ter and then lat­er learn­ing the sig­nif­i­cance of the song in terms of Illya’s char­ac­ter theme in Heav­en’s Feel and I want­ed this to hap­pen for the ani­me view­ers too.

Ufotable, at this rate, I’m think­ing you’re either going to fuck up EMIYA or not play it at all. Lit­tle faith in your sound­track what­so­ev­er. It’s actu­al­ly a good one — it’s not bad at all, but it’s hard to con­nect it to Fate/stay night when you’re leav­ing out the inter­mix of… icon­ic Fate/stay night tracks. Duh.

shouta Gil is better

Ani­me Gil­gamesh seemed a lot less enthu­si­as­tic about slaugh­ter­ing the best loli char­ac­ter Type-Moon can offer com­pared to Visu­al Nov­el Gil­gamesh. I’m guess­ing Ufotable did­n’t want to piss off Gil fan­boys that came fresh out of 2deep4me Fate/Zero.

Unlike DEEN’s UBW movie, Ufotable seems to have got­ten Illya’s mur­der down to the finest detail in their ren­di­tion, up to her eyes get­ting slit, get­ting a sword pierced through her body, Berserk­er’s badass last stand against Gil­gamesh by defy­ing the laws of Nasu­physics, etc.

Her beautiful red eyes!






Not the peg, not the peg!

Yes, I react­ed like Shirou.

Now all we need to see is Dr. Gil per­form­ing heart surgery on the best girl… which won’t hap­pen until episode 16! Oh boy.

…I want Illya back.

I did like what Ufotable did with Shi­rou’s reac­tion to wit­ness­ing Illya get bru­tal­ly mur­dered though. No one wants to see inno­cent peo­ple die, but any nor­mal per­son who prob­a­bly be trem­bling in fear and would deal with the trau­ma of not being able to do any­thing after the fact (unless they’re a super edgelord). Shi­rou, on the oth­er hand, is freak­ing out and hav­ing an episode because of his inabil­i­ty to save anoth­er per­son, and he has to be held back by freak­ing Tohsa­ka or else he’ll get him­self killed. The kid has prob­lems, and it’s a damn shame that most pas­sive view­ers of ani­me just see him as some gener­ic shounen hero, just because his men­tal prob­lems don’t involve him doing moral­ly ambigu­ous things for the sake of edge.

Still not Die Lorelei

P.S. Loved that Illya got her own end­ing theme for her farewell episode. Pret­ty sure DEEN’s Archer got the same treat­ment after his death… at around the same time, actu­al­ly (episode 14–15). Huh.


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