Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 16–17

Unlimited Rin Works

I’m glad that Ufotable picked the best answers to Lancer’s ques­tions for the absolute best Rin reac­tions. Jeez, it’s almost impos­si­ble for me to go back to Rin’s old VN design. Ufotable man­aged made her 10x cuter than she already was. I was iffy on it at first, but now I’m sold.

I swear, this adap­ta­tion feels like it’s been 50% action, with the oth­er 50% being Rin mak­ing cute faces. (Not real­ly, but that does­n’t sound like a bad deal either.)



Ufotable Dr. Gil


Gilgamesh is a jackass

Visu­al Nov­el Dr. Gil



Ufotable sure went out of their way to make Gil­gamesh look a lot less jol­ly about tear­ing out Illya’s heart to please the Zero fans who admire his “nobil­i­ty” (uh)…

RIP lovely best girl

Details from the visu­al nov­el: Shi­rou took Berserk­er’s ash­es and buried it in the same grave as Illya.

In ret­ro­spect, the after­math of scene is a bit sad­der in the visu­al nov­el thanks to Shi­rou’s nar­ra­tion. And also:

i've seen some shit, man

You real­ly don’t get to know how messed up Shi­rou is dur­ing the bit where Rin calls him out on his lifestyle. While the ani­me does a great job with visu­al cues, visu­al cues won’t real­ly clue you in on just how much the fire from ten years ago affect­ed Shi­rou. The kid basi­cal­ly real­izes that his emo­tions and his sense of self died that day because of the things he saw and expe­ri­enced, and see­ing Kir­it­sug­u’s face upon being “saved” (Ker­ry him­self being “saved” by Shi­rou) sparked a sin­gle emo­tion for Shi­rou to keep liv­ing for. Not only does he suf­fer from a tremen­dous amount of sur­vivor’s guilt, a part of him trans­formed to a tool that day; liv­ing like a sword.

While I feel that a lot of the visu­al nov­el­’s sto­ry heav­i­ly leans on Shi­rou’s per­spec­tive, at least when it comes to him­self as a char­ac­ter, I appre­ci­ate the ani­me improv­ing on the action. That’s where the visu­al nov­el kind of dropped the ball. Type-Moon cer­tain­ly knows how to make bat­tles feel dynam­ic in a visu­al nov­el for­mat, but a lot of the fights end up feel­ing the same Nasu­text-wise, aside from a few excep­tions (towards the tail-end of this route and many of the fights in Heav­en’s Feel). A lot of the fights ulti­mate­ly end up being decid­ed by whose Noble Phan­tasm is more OP, with the accom­pa­ny­ing text being filler.

Lancer is a bro

Oh, by the way, infor­ma­tion the writ­ing real­ly expects you to know before­hand (Fate route stuff):

Lancer’s Mas­ter was killed and had her Com­mand Spells stolen by Kotomine. Kotomine was “killed” a few episodes ago by Cast­er. Ser­vants with­out Inde­pen­dent Action won’t real­ly sur­vive all that long if their Mas­ter is killed. Lancer is still around. Put the pieces together.

Silver platter... of blood

C’mon, even the ani­me is real­ly obvi­ous about it by show­ing that Kotomine’s body is gone.

More info-dump for ani­me-onlys: in the Fate route’s nar­ra­tion, Shi­rou used his knowl­edge of mythol­o­gy to deduce Gil­gamesh’s iden­ti­ty, using his abil­i­ties to ana­lyze every weapon Gil­gamesh launched from his Gate of Baby­lon as “gen­uine Noble Phan­tasms” and real­ized that only the King of Heroes could own that many weapons. Here, Shin­ji kind of just says “Zero Archer“ ‘s iden­ti­ty out loud dur­ing their con­fronta­tion in the cas­tle, but regard­less, Shi­rou sus­es his agili­ty to ana­lyze swords to essen­tial­ly fig­ure out what Gil­gamesh’s abil­i­ties are.

Archer really is an archer

Anoth­er change from the visu­al nov­el: Orig­i­nal­ly, Lancer assumes that Archer has­n’t been tak­ing him seri­ous­ly because he has­n’t used his bow yet. But in the ani­me, Archer’s clear­ly using it.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I’m point­ing out these dis­crep­an­cies does­n’t mean I did­n’t like the fight in the ani­me. In fact, I thought Archer vs. Lancer was pret­ty GAR in the ani­me. But I’m won­der­ing if changes like this, along with oth­er tid­bits such as the time of day or Cast­er’s orig­i­nal Mas­ter not being some old dude, are real­ly con­sid­ered retroac­tive con­ti­nu­ity rather than details that are unique to the uni­verse por­trayed in the adap­ta­tion (because god knows how many uni­vers­es there are in the Nasuverse).

I am the bone of my shield

Rho Aias!

>100% accu­rate archery
>becomes an Archer class
>bare­ly uses his bow

>I am the bone of my sword
>projects a shield

Battle Mage


Type-Moon TRPG NAO plz


Like I said, the fights that did­n’t rely on the “SMASH CLANG SLASH BONK, KAY HERE’S MY NOBLE PHANTASM CAN YOU BEAT THIS?!” for­mu­la were some of the best fights to read from the visu­al nov­el, in my opin­ion, and this was one of them. It was great see­ing Rin smack the fuck out of an all-pow­er­ful mage like Cast­er, and tak­ing advan­tage of the fact that Cast­er was a clas­sic mage who heav­i­ly relied on a tank and beefed-up INT/MDef to make up for her shit­ty HP and defense.

It was cool see­ing Ufotable ani­mate Rin pulling off some Kotomine-esque moves too.

who is this guy

Trace on.”

…Oh my god…

Archer is…

…A HEROIC SPIRIT THAT CAN COPY SUPERPOWERS?! First he copies Ajax’s shield, and now he’s copy­ing Shi­rou’s Trace On and Gold­en Archer’s swordspam! What the hell?!

Sorry but Kuzuki's face gets me every time

Welp, Cast­er’s death felt a bit rushed to me, and I’m not even com­par­ing it to the visu­al nov­el in this case… it feels rush regard­less. Still, at least it was bet­ter than how it was por­trayed in the DEEN ver­sion of UBW (but that’s like say­ing eat­ing a booger is bet­ter than eat­ing a pile of shit).

In oth­er news, Cast­er’s death in the VN was the moment I real­ized that she’s pret­ty damn hot with­out that hood. Thank you Car­ni­val Phan­tasm for show­ing more of it.





to get real

To get real.

The Unlim­it­ed Blade Works ani­me is about to get into the real­ly good stages of the route (at this point, I read it straight through with no breaks). Hope­ful­ly Ufotable made remix­es of Whirlpool of Fate and Into the Night for their… respec­tive scenes. Or else this lit­tle fan­boy will be pulling his hair out at the dis­re­gard for awe­some music.


2 thoughts on “Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 16–17

  1. I agree with the bat­tle and info points, I’m sure I would had picked Kotomine was still around with­out hav­ing expe­ri­ence the VN .


    real­ly? is there a human being who con­sid­ers him nobel? like…how?

    I’ll have to dis­agree with the entire fan­dom on something…I don’t like this new Rin.

    I think they over­did it with the moe pos­es and dere dere moments, the rea­son I like Rin so damn more than the usu­al tsun­dere in the first place is because those moments are precious,hard to make them come out,here they are all over the flace, with exager­at­ed faces and body lan­guage, I don’t find her cute, I find her a bim­bo, I’m start­ing to imag­ine a Rie Kugimiya tsun­dere type.

    1. @henslight: Might have been an exag­ger­at­ed word to use on my part, but a lot of Zero fans who love Gil­gamesh have this…colorful per­cep­tion of him. Him spar­ing Waver vs. the rest of his damned char­ac­ter in Fate. lol
      I dun­no, so far Rin has been react­ing the same as she did in the VN in terms of dia­logue, but I do con­cede that the reac­tions are pret­ty exag­ger­at­ed com­pared to the VN. Of course, the VN had one sprite for every emotion.

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