RE: Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 18 — 「Rin’s contract with Saber」

Time to forge a contract with a better mage

Some­thing I for­got to men­tion in my orig­i­nal post: The dif­fer­ence between Ufotable’s fresh Rin!Saber and Saber’s oth­er appear­ances with Ufotable’s famous blue auras is minis­cule to the pow­er surge she had in the visu­al novel.


Let me give it to you straight: I love Ufotable’s ani­ma­tion. With Ufotable’s tal­ents, they could have eas­i­ly showed the true extent of how much of a night­mare Saber is at her full poten­tial the minute Rin became her source of mana, but they did­n’t. Even though they’ve done quite a bit to impress me so far, they did­n’t real­ly do this scene any jus­tice and it’s a damned shame.

Although, despite all that, they man­aged to do one thing right. And that is: Saber’s pony­tail. Now that is excel­lent. (y)

2 thoughts on “RE: Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 18 — 「Rin’s contract with Saber」

  1. I was so dis­ap­point­ed indeed, because that scene gave me goose­bumps in the VN, and all I had there was music, an sta­t­ic image and text.
    here Saber looks gal­lant, pret­ty, not threatening.

    1. @hens­light: I think it was extra dis­ap­point­ing since we all prob­a­bly real­is­ti­cal­ly envi­sioned the CG look­ing so awe­some animated

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