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Kill myself, I mean, yourself...

After­noon News: Sexy Red Man attempts con­vo­lut­ed sui­cide plan

After a sur­pris­ing­ly weak per­for­mance last week, Ufotable man­ages to pull some­what of a sav­ing throw with this episode.

I do have minor qualms with what hap­pened this week, but for the most part, I’m extreme­ly sat­is­fied by Ufotable’s efforts.

Making a contract with the world

The cold open to this episode incit­ed such a fan­boy reac­tion from me. At first I was like, “Wait, where the fuck is Shi­rou? This isn’t where we left off in the last episode. Was this even in the VN”, then once Shi­rou start­ed talk­ing, I was like, “oh, OH. THIS IS ARCHER MAKING A CONTRACT WITH ALAYA, OH MY GOD, WHAT

It’s pret­ty cool see­ing that actu­al­ly hap­pen for the first time. Nev­er thought Shi­rou sold his soul to Alaya dur­ing that nuclear pow­er plant melt­down men­tioned by his most­ly-the-same coun­ter­part in Fate/Extra. Though, I’m pret­ty sure Shi­rou’s hair should be white by this time, at least, con­sid­er­ing the details revealed about when Acher made the con­tract. I feel like this will con­fuse a lot of ani­me-only fans, with them mis­in­ter­pret­ing his con­tract being the cause of his changed appear­ance. In real­i­ty, it was his mis­use of mage­craft (as Archer says in that pic of Extra) that lead to his skin being dark­ened and his hair turn­ing white. Even Fate/kaleid lin­er Prisma☆Illya got this spot-on, with them show­ing anoth­er Shi­rou from an alter­nate uni­verse in the mid­dle of that process:

Miyu's Emiya Shirou

Also note that if Archer did­n’t spike up his hair, he’d just look like a palette-swapped ver­sion of an adult Shi­rou (as seen in Ufo’s cold open for the episode). They should have at least shown part of his hair turn­ing white in the ani­me, in my opinion.

Archer confirmed for fighting the ISIS

Nasu can see the future

It was neat actu­al­ly see­ing some of his Counter Guardian work in action (Archer con­firmed for fight­ing ISIS), although I was expect­ing to see at least one or two instances of him fight­ing some Cthul­hu-like moth­er­fuck­ers, since the VN uses these…well, hor­ri­fy­ing pic­tures as its imagery when­ev­er some­thing of the sim­i­lar sort hap­pens (like the bull­shit Shi­rou sees when he comes into con­tact with The Shadow/Angra Mainyu in the oth­er routes). That and Archer kind implies that he has fought things sim­i­lar to The Shad­ow in Heav­en’s Feel. Over­all, it did feel a bit off that Archer was just ran­dom­ly appear­ing to shoot peo­ple with arrows, con­sid­er­ing that Counter Guardians are sup­posed to appear in any age where human­i­ty is near extinc­tion — after they had already ruined things for them­selves. This is not­ed in Heav­en’s Feel (high­light for spoil­ers), where Archer jumps at the chance of tak­ing care of the Shad­ow, since it’d be the first time he’d take care of a cat­a­stro­phe before it gets out of hand.

I liked the white cape Ufotable gave to him, but EMIYA real­ly should have been shown with his sig­na­ture red buttcape in some of the flash­backs, con­sid­er­ing the fact that he got it from Ciel (Tsuk­i­hime) dur­ing his life for work­ing with the Church at some point (in fact, it would have been real­ly cool if we saw that), so he real­ly should­n’t be wear­ing it at all as a Counter Guardian. Unless Alaya lets Archer change clothes in the throne. Who knows… Any­ways, thanks to the ani­me, I final­ly know how Archer Shi­rou died: he was skew­ered by swords and then hanged.

Sword of Promised Victory

It was cool see­ing Ufotable ani­mate some of Saber’s past, although the pre­cious time could have been used to expand on oth­er Archer-relat­ed things or squeeze in extra dia­logue left out from the visu­al nov­el. Truth be told, Saber’s past isn’t that impor­tant to this route, although her bear­ing wit­ness to Archer and Shi­rou’s dilem­ma is also a way for her to come to terms with her own prob­lems in this route, since EMIYA and her are so sim­i­lar. Oth­er than that, if you want more in-depth Saber, you’re going to have to read the Fate route.

I always love how loy­al Saber is to Shi­rou, even if he’s no longer tech­ni­cal­ly her Mas­ter. Now there’s dou­ble-Shi­rou for her to be con­cerned about.

Saber of Red

Kudos to Ufotable for being up-to-date with the Nasu­verse! Loved the fact that Arturi­a’s daugh­ter (Saber of Red/Mordred) and her Noble Phan­tasm are shown on the hill, with their cur­rent designs from Fate/Apocrypha. Pret­ty sure they used Mor­dred’s pro­to­type design in Fate/Zero’s flash­backs and the first end­ing theme.

Hot Saber of Red

Reminder that this mas­ter­piece was cre­at­ed by hen­tai futa magecraft



Lancer is a boss, too bad about his luck

Thank you, Lancer, for punch­ing out that sad piece of shit Shin­ji. For the record, Berserk­er earned points from me in the Fate route for step­ping on him.

(I have a sep­a­rate post that address­es Shin­ji’s attempt­ed rape and an ANN review­er’s reac­tion to it.)

Don't piss of Rin!

I remem­ber Tohsaka’s insults to Kotomine after find­ing out Kotomine was respon­si­ble for Tokiomi’s death in the VN, and it’s a real treat to see her facial reac­tions to it. Thanks Ufotable.

Lancer died! You're not human!

Lancer’s down… but is he real­ly out? You’ll see soon… next week.

Next Level Suicide

Back on the EMIYA vs Emiya side of things, after shar­ing what he’s been through and what Shi­rou can pos­si­bly become in the future, EMIYA offers Shi­rou a chance to kill him­self. This def­i­nite­ly was­n’t in the visu­al nov­el, but it’s pret­ty inter­est­ing. But would this real­ly cre­ate the big para­dox that Archer hopes will hap­pen or will it mere­ly just save Shi­rou from suf­fer­ing the same fate? Either way, at this point I guess Archer will set­tle on pre­vent­ing anoth­er Counter Guardian EMIYA from being born.

It’s a shame that Ufotable has once again left out Shi­rou’s mono­logues. I sup­pose it isn’t that bad in every oth­er instance, but here you don’t know whether or not Shi­rou agrees or dis­agrees with any­thing Archer has said. Here, an ani­me-only view­er would infer that Shi­rou rejects every­thing Archer has said when Shi­rou says that they are, in fact, two dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Truth­ful­ly, he only says that when Archer says that he regrets every­thing, some­thing Shi­rou thinks he would nev­er do. To Shi­rou, Archer’s ide­al was­n’t wrong, but his fail­ure and his regret was. Thus, Archer is a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of his fail­ure, which Shi­rou won’t approve of.

It’s also a shame that they left out Archer’s bit of dia­logue, where he reveals that although he hopes that Hero­ic Spir­it EMIYA killing Emiya Shi­rou would cre­ate a para­dox big enough to trick Alaya, all he’s real­ly doing is tak­ing out his anger on his younger self — the man who will become a clown because of his ideals.



Even Saber is blown away!

Even Saber is blown away!

And oh boy, despite my wor­ries, Ufotable has proven me wrong. They’re actu­al­ly using the EMIYA theme! And I def­i­nite­ly got chills when the begin­ning start­ed play­ing. I thought it was a great way to hype view­ers up for the upcom­ing battle.

Unlimited...Blade Works

I admired his wish to save some­one because it was beautiful…!”


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