Fanime 2015 Cosplay

A great hobby for great people

Image Cred­it: みつき

Last year, I did­n’t take any cos­play pho­tos because the con was over­run with Kek la Kek and Shinge­ki no Kyou­jin cos­play­ers. For­tu­nate­ly for this year, the amount of Ryuuko and Giants died down and I was able to wit­ness a lot more vari­ety of cos­plays. Still, I was usu­al­ly rush­ing around with my friends else­where so did­n’t get too many chances to take snap­shots of amaz­ing cos­tume work, but I did man­age to squeeze in some photography.



Behold these cute Love Live! cheer­leader out­fits. (y)

Look­ing back at these, I regret not going to the Love Live! cos­play gathering…



Real life ship girls!

These two Kan­tai Col­lec­tion cos­play­ers prob­a­bly nev­er played the game, nev­er watched the ani­me, and have only seen the fanart — but fuck, that does­n’t change the fact that they’re pret­ty damn cute. The out­fits def­i­nite­ly suit them, but the Kon­gou cos­play­er is the only one who got her her appear­ance com­plete­ly right (Haruna’s hair was just a lit­tle off).

You know I'm right

That smile is amazing

This girl was such a Mizu­ki Nana-looka­like. rofl

A+ for effort AND outcome

Now these out­fits were very well-made. I did­n’t get the chance to take a pho­to of the intri­cate mech cos­plays or any­thing of the sort, but I’m hap­py that I got to take a shot of these, at least.

Mobile Suit!

…well, except that I did take a pic­ture of a Gun­dam though.


And then there’s this guy. (Cas­tle in the Sky 4tw!)

Miku Miku

D’aaw. Chub­by-cheek Miku is always wel­come! I actu­al­ly had to crop this pho­to because peo­ple kept pho­to­bomb­ing me, and the dude next to her kept stand­ing there look­ing off awk­ward­ly in every direction.

I suck at photos

Ugh, seems like the cam­era-shake real­ly ruined this one.

Can’t real­ly go back in time now, can we? ):


Awww, these girls were so pre­cious. They were kin­da shy though, so their pos­es turned out kind of stiff as a result.

But they’re kids, so I’m not gonna rag on them for it.

SakuSyao 5ever

Final­ly, a cou­ple cos­play­ing Saku­ra and Syaoran!

Nico Nico Nii

Nico Nico Nii!

Fate/stay night and... Ragna

Saber, TOOHsaka, and Sad Kotomine

Truth­ful­ly, I only want­ed to get Saber in the shots, but it would’ve been rude to refuse the oth­er cos­play­ers in their group. Although, Shi­rou was alright, and the Ragna cos­play was real­ly cool despite not being a Fate char­ac­ter… but hey, he looks like Archer enough. lol

This angle is great for preventing photobombing

EDIT: Almost for­got about this cosplayer!


Last, but not least, some­thing that put a smile on my face: GUREIMON! I actu­al­ly have a real­ly fun­ny sto­ry to go along with this cos­play (not the cos­play­er him­self, but what hap­pened when he walked by us), which I’ll share in my next post.

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