Fanime 2015 Haul


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Alright, I’m back from Fanime 2015. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’ve come back to a horde of school projects I’ve neglect­ed in favor of my spe­cial once-a-year geek-fest, so for now I’ll just go over the merch I spent my moolah on this year and share the rest of my Fanime 2015 expe­ri­ence later.

Aipon signature get!

First off, an auto­graphed clear file of Saku­ra Kyouko from Puel­la Magi Mado­ka Mag­i­ca, from Non­a­ka Ai her­self! I was so excit­ed that I man­aged to get her auto­graph before they start­ed to kick out sec­tions of the auto­graph line, but I’ll save the details of that gru­el­ing adven­ture for my next post about my expe­ri­ence at Fanime­Con 2015.


Vapor makes for some pret­ty lewd effects

Here are some oth­er clear file fold­ers I bought from Kinoku­niya’s Deal­er Hall stand:

It's me, Sakura merchandise is a given

Card­cap­tor Sakura

Japanese and Brit cuteness!

Kiniro Mosa­ic


Kan­colle (unfor­tu­nate­ly, they only had the ani­me art, but I hap­pened to like this one anyway)



Next up: Fate/stay night Deluxe Mul­ticrosscloth. Basi­cal­ly a cloth poster.

It's huge!

Along with anoth­er Fate good­ie (once again, from Kinoku­niya), Fate/kaleid Lin­er Pris­ma Ilya PRISMA COMPLETE!

Double yayness

Ain’t she precious?

Mmmmm milk chocolate

I am not sorry.


Last but not least, Card­cap­tor Saku­ra plushies! I gave the Kero to my younger sis­ter, but of course, the Saku­ra one is mine.

Next post: Fanime 2015 Cosplay

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