Fanime 2015 — Overall Experience (including MangaGamer nonsense)

FanimeCon 2015!

Ani­me con­ven­tions are some­thing I look for­ward to every year now. I might go to Ani­me Expo some­day, but for now, Fanime is the best local alter­na­tive and I hon­est­ly nev­er regret it.

I was extra pumped this year ever since Fanime­Con 2015 announced that Non­a­ka Ai would be attend­ing the con as a guest. Holy heck, first time since 2012 that a Japan­ese voice actor/actress attend­ed this con­ven­tion! I missed out on Aiza­wa Mai the first time I went to Fanime­Con, and Momoi Haruko stopped going to the con­ven­tion before I even start­ed attend­ing the con as a full-week­end mem­ber (I for­got why she stopped going…). No offense to the Eng­lish voice actors, but unless you’re Ken­vin Con­roy (who does not do voic­es in ani­me) or Steve Blum, I’m only going to care about meet­ing the vocal tal­ents that hail from the coun­try where Japan­ese enter­tain­ment orig­i­nates from. Where my Sawashiro Miyu­ki at?!

Well, any­way, here are some high­lights of my expe­ri­ences at Fanime­Con 2015: the good, the bad, and the weird.

My one true goddess

The Dou­ble­Tree hotel respects all religions

Hotel Bookings and Lining up for Badges

We haven’t been able to book a room at the Hilton, Fair­mont, or Mar­riot after our first year of stay­ing at Fanime­Con since they get filled up pret­ty quick­ly when reg­is­tra­tion opens. I guess we were lucky to have been able to book a room at the Mar­riot our first year here — that, or the con­ven­tion’s been grow­ing since then. Either way, like last year, we end­ed up stay­ing at a hotel fur­ther away from the con called the Dou­ble­Tree (which is appar­ent­ly a baby Hilton of sorts), which has shut­tles going to and from the con the entire week­end. Bet­ter than Fanime­Con 2013 where we had to stay a dinky motel and had no trans­port oth­er than VTA pub­lic transits.

Dou­ble­Tree has its perks in that Fanime­Con’s steam­punk-ori­en­tat­ed sis­ter con­ven­tion, Clock­work Alche­my, was being held there, which meant we could get our Fanime badges there as well with­out the has­sle of LineCon. Although, last year LineCon was non-exis­tent at the San Jose Con­ven­tion Cen­ter, so I’m not sure if the case was the same this year. Either way, it’s a safe non-claus­tro­pho­bic way of get­ting our badges quick­ly and using the rest of the time to do oth­er things, like shop­ping for snacks for rest of the weekend.

Fanime Badge

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I lost my badge on Mon­day, but one of my friends who left the con ear­li­er lent me his badge to use for the Deal­er’s Hall and the gam­ing room dur­ing Fanime’s final moments. This is what our badges looked like. My nick­name for Fanime was Azu­maYu­gi, the same as my Twitter.

Nowi is the best girl

Artist Alley

As always, the artist alley is brim­ming with tal­ent­ed artists adver­tis­ing them­selves by sell­ing prints, hand­ing out busi­ness cards, and what­not. One of the artists show­cas­ing their works was a friend of one one of my friends, and she goes by the name Oiichyo. Did her a favor and bought some cute but­tons to stick on my bag.

Starship Design for Sci-Fi

We went to this on Sat­ur­day Night. This was a decent pan­el that was very infor­ma­tive about the in-and-outs of design­ing ships for sci­ence fic­tion sto­ries, although it felt too much like they grabbed infor­ma­tion from com­mon sources at times. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we did­n’t get to stay for too long since some­thing came up with one of our friends.

Aipon signature get!


On Sun­day, I rushed over to the Deal­er’s Hall to buy any prod­uct with Non­a­ka Ai-voiced char­ac­ters on it (I was plan­ning on bring­ing some Puel­la Magi Mado­ka Mag­i­ca merch for her to sign, but for­got it at home along with my phone charg­er., whoops!) and ran over to the Mar­riot’s auto­graph sign­ings as fast as I could.

And man, did I almost screw myself over. The “offi­cial” line was already inside the room get­ting Aipon’s sig­na­tures, and I was appar­ent­ly in one of the two “maybe” lines. At the time, I did­n’t know there were two lines, and saw that the oth­er line had peo­ple wait­ing to get Aipon’s sig­na­ture. So I asked them if “this was the front/end of the line” and end­ed up going to the sec­ond line… and right after, the line I was orig­i­nal­ly in went in. I was such a dum­b­ass. Need­less to say, I was near­ly in the cut-off point where they start­ed kick­ing peo­ple out because Aipon was­n’t going to take any­more sig­na­tures (her Q&A pan­el start­ed at 4:00 PM sharp) and it did­n’t help that a few obnox­ious girls rushed in front of me the moment our line was aloud to go in. Good thing the bro that was in front of me knew I was orig­i­nal­ly behind him, so he let me back-cut him.

I end­ed up being one of the last peo­ple to get Non­a­ka Ai’s sig­na­ture, so I was sat­is­fied, but I felt sor­ry for the peo­ple who got screwed over by those ass­holes cut­ting in line. Seri­ous­ly, those girls can go fuck themselves.

Any­ways, I man­aged to get the auto­graph, but I could­n’t make it into her Q&A pan­el because the room got filled up. Which sucks, because I heard from some­one who actu­al­ly made it into the pan­el that one of the first requests was for her to do a Wakamo­to Norio impres­sion. All my sads…

Cringeworthy Games Cutscenes

Okay, I was plan­ning on going to this since I could­n’t get into Non­a­ka Ai’s Q&A pan­el, and it was lit­er­al­ly next door, but my cell­phone was dead and I need­ed to be at an easy-to-find area for us to meet back at. Strange­ly enough… they were at this pan­el, and they enjoyed it quite a big.

Notable cringe­wor­thy cutscenes include pos­si­bly a chunk of Ani­mal Soc­cer World and this awk­ward num­ber from Final Fan­ta­sy X:

MangaGamer Panel

Now this pan­el turned out to be fuck­ing sil­ly. Instead of any seri­ous announce­ments (aside from Eupho­ria, I guess), pret­ty much the only VNs they talked about were nukige. It start­ed out vanil­la enough, but then it got worse and worse, until the last title to fin­ish it all off was basi­cal­ly some nukige with real­ly bad art, exag­ger­at­ed boobs, con­tort­ed facial expres­sions, and ten­ta­cle rape. Don’t wor­ry, I have pics of when they start­ed drop­ping the ball (cen­sored, can’t host porn on here).

Uh huh

Uh huh

Cum on!

Oh, cum on!

I'm going to hell

Dear Diary: Jackpot.

NTR yolo

Life is short. Have an affair.”

The Final Chapter

THE FINAL CHAPTER” True end­ing ;-;7

The rest of the pan­el was Q&A, though most of it was just sil­ly dis­cus­sions about fetish­es and what­not. My friend Mr. Lex got some good ques­tions in, but of course all the Man­gaGamer rep­re­sen­ta­tives man­aged to answer with was “fuck lit­er­a­ture, the mon­ey is where it’s at”. Not word­ed like that, but basi­cal­ly the gist of it.

Why trans­late one long sto­ry-based visu­al nov­el, when you can trans­late three short nukige at the same time with just as much prof­it?” Hm. Have you ever thought that peo­ple might go out of their way to buy your porn games think­ing that the moolah will help you bring the more seri­ous games? I mean, per­son­al­ly if I want­ed porn, I’d pirate it. Lit­er­al­ly already seen CGs of a cou­ple of those announce­ments dur­ing my pri­vate excur­sions into hen­tai land, for instance.

I think the best part that came out of going to this pan­el was mak­ing friends with two oth­er guys that were sim­i­lar to us.


Dealer’s Hall

The Deal­er’s Hall is con­sis­tent­ly great every year, and my favorite deal­er will always be Kinoku­niya (which is fun­ny, because they’re local anyway…).

Unique to this year is the Chalk Twins, who were doing live-draw­ings with­in the Deal­er’s hall. I must say, their skill at chalk pas­tel is unmatched. (y)

Amazing artbooks

The Deal­er hal­l’s seemed to be twice as big this year, and seemed to have switched the entrance and exit for no par­tic­u­lar rea­son. This also seemed to change the gen­er­al loca­tion of some deal­ers from where they usu­al­ly set them­selves up every year. One of the art­book deal­ers I usu­al­ly take a peek at that usu­al­ly sets up in front of the entrance, for instance, moved their loca­tion to where the exit used to be (which is now the entrance).

Oh my god, Inferno Cop

Infer­no Cop invades the 3D realm

Gaming Hall

Like every year, the Gam­ing Hall is our go-to place when­ev­er there was noth­ing else for us to do at the moment. Fill­ing our pock­ets with quar­ters, we either played as many games as we could or watched tour­na­ments (there was a Touhou Hisouten­soku ~ Choudokyuu Giny­oru no Nazo o Oe tour­na­ment).


The PCs from the AFK Gamer Lounge ran pret­ty good, and I loved how all the con­sole games were the good ones.

Video Programming

Sur­pris­ing­ly, I did­n’t get to watch much ani­me at Fanime­Con this year — we only watched a few episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adven­ture.

There was a Card­cap­tor Saku­ra screen­ing by NISA, which I bet you were all expect­ing me to be at. How­ev­er, since I own the whole series on Blu-ray already and would hon­est­ly have shed a tear if the room was­n’t packed, I opt­ed not to go to it.

Oth­er than that, I planned to watch Lupin III, but it was dubbed. See, I would­n’t have mind­ed it that much, but the per­son in charge of the movie pro­jec­tor said it would be subbed when we asked him, but appar­ent­ly he did­n’t want to mess with the DVD’s default set­tings so it end­ed up being dubbed. Okay…


lol that’s not charizard

Awkward Moments

Ani­me con­ven­tions will always have their fair share of awk­ward peo­ple. Don’t want to be mean, but it’s true that some peo­ple just lack social eti­quette and awareness.

When I was head­ing over to Non­a­ka Ai’s Q&A pan­el, and at the cross­walk, there was a female that was cos­play­ing the Moon Spir­it girl from Avatar: The Last Air­ben­der. Kind of a cute girl, and some dude with a very slow and nasal­ly voice just comes up to her and asks for her pic­ture. Nor­mal enough. But here’s how the rest of the con­ver­sa­tion went.

Guy: So, uh, who are you sup­posed to be??
Girl: Yue from Avatar: The Last Air­ben­der.
Guy: Oh! Uh, yeah, that’s who you are. I love that series.
Girl: It’s a real­ly good show.
Guy: Yeah, it has very con­sis­tent writ­ing, the ani­ma­tion is great… (con­tin­ues to talk as the pedes­tri­an cross­ing sig­nal comes up and cross­es the street, then turns out)
[Girl is walk­ing towards a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent direc­tions]
(turns around and runs after her) Oh, hey, wait!

That’s just fuck­ing creepy, dude. lol I would’ve tried to get the dude to back off from her if I was­n’t in such a hur­ry for Aipon.

Then there’s the Vic­to­ry Pose dude in the arcade room. The gam­ing room seems like it’s gen­er­al­ly the place with the least awk­ward peo­ple fun­ni­ly enough, but this year there was always this one guy play­ing Cri­sis Zone (iirc) that would strike vic­to­ry pos­es every time he would clear a stage. When he cleared all the stages and the cred­its rolled, he would start doing what would be rem­i­nis­cent of a train­ing mon­tage. It’s espe­cial­ly fun­ny since he looked like that stereo­typ­i­cal chu­u­ni guy in Oregairu.

Then there’s Grey­mon. No, the cos­play­er was­n’t awk­ward. But when we saw his cos­play, my friend jok­ing­ly yelled out “Oh ey, it’s Charizard!

And then, some dude walked by and said “lol That’s noooooot Charizard”.

In which a ran­dom girl replied “That isn’t Charizard, that’s…”

The dude cuts in, “No, I know, it’s just that some­body thought this was Charizard.” And then turns to us, “Could you guys believe it? Some guy thought this was Charizard! Ha ha ha ha ha

The jungles of Vietnam

I hate the ravers

Sun­day morn­ing, 12~1 AM. Fanime’s reg­is­tra­tion line is all but bar­ren, except for one lost soul pac­ing aim­less­ly through the cau­tion tape as if he was in the Viet­nam war. Per­form­ing slid­ing kicks under the cau­tion tape? Check. Doing back­flips over the cau­tion tape? Check. Attempt­ing to break­dance but end­ing up rolling around the floor instead? Check.

Ever since Fanime’s rave has got­ten more pop­u­lar over the years, we’ve got­ten more peo­ple who could two fucks about ani­me attend the con sole­ly for the rave, and then loi­ter around high off their ass­es at night.

It’s slight­ly amus­ing, but more annoy­ing than not.

See, two of my friends decid­ed to buy two felyne PJs from Mon­ster Hunter and fuck around dur­ing the night­time con, wag­gling their back­sides like kit­tens and gen­er­al­ly tak­ing part in sil­ly antics, strut­ting their stuff while meow­ing. Out­side the main entrance of the San Jose Con­ven­tion Cen­ter, some ran­dom dude called it sexy.

Uh, okay. Thought he was jok­ing at first. But half an hour lat­er, I turn my head around and see him sud­den­ly grab anoth­er guy and start­ed mak­ing out with him. Then my friends slow­ly took notice as they all turned their heads one by one, and we all high­tailed it out of there.


Any­ways, Fanime should real­ly move the rave out­side of the con… just my two cents.

Behold, the fans of Fanime


I had a con­sis­tent­ly great time attend­ing Fanime this year, despite the week­end feel­ing as if it went by too fast (it’s unfor­tu­nate that the one time it felt like it was going at a decent pace was when I was hav­ing a hang­over and puk­ing every­where Sat­ur­day morn­ing, ugh, screw liquor).

Bought plen­ty of merch, saw a lot of great cos­play, met some cool peo­ple (you cute nerdy girls are the best), and best of all, I got an auto­graph from a Japan­ese voice actress! It also served as a great and brief means of escapism from home and school too. I always love eat­ing the food down­town when­ev­er I attend the con (Ami­ci’s East Coast Pizze­ria is pret­ty damn good).

Although I did have some regrets, this year’s Fanime was extra fun for me, and I’m already look­ing for­ward to next year! Assum­ing I’m not going to AX 2016.

2 thoughts on “Fanime 2015 — Overall Experience (including MangaGamer nonsense)

  1. I’m glad that you had fun. Just recent­ly, I final­ly accept­ed a job offer, mean­ing that I will be final­ly work­ing after months look­ing for a job after grad­u­a­tion. Of course, I now have to move to Penn­syl­va­nia (Har­ris­burg area) and I high­ly doubt there is any in that state… I guess there is always Otakon, which is prob­a­bly over an hour where I will be living…

    Then again, it real­ly depends on how much mon­ey I save up since I have oth­er liv­ing expens­es and stu­dent loans. Since I don’t plan on splurg­ing my mon­ey by eat­ing out and unnec­es­sary stuff (besides get­ting a PS4 when Idol­mas­ter 3 ever comes out). Maybe I’ll prob­a­bly aim for AX 2016, but I’ll see.

    1. @chikorita157: Con­grats on the job offer. Local cons are always a safe bet when you’re tight on mon­ey, but if you spend your mon­ey spar­ing­ly, I think AX 2016 is total­ly an option. Although with the stu­dent loans, I’d say it’s safer to just go with Otakon.

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