Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 20 — 「 I am the bone of my sword」

Back-to-back EMIYA

Back-to-back EMIYA

Looks like it’s time for Shi­rou’s epic ther­a­py ses­sion. Arguably the most enter­tain­ing episode yet in terms of pre­sen­ta­tion. Although I have my gripes, it was… pret­ty dope.


Also a Faaaaaker!

Back-to-back fak­ing

I enjoyed how Ufotable tran­si­tioned Archer’s bat­tle expe­ri­ence flow­ing into Shi­rou to ani­ma­tion. Although the ani­ma­tion was a bit der­py (I’m sure they’ll fix that in the Blu-rays), see­ing Shi­rous per­fect mim­ic­ry of his future self­’s tech­niques was pret­ty cool.

I am the bone of my shortened chants

We’ll nev­er hear the full chant :^)

Archer invok­ing Unlim­it­ed Blade Works is kind of a dou­ble-edged sword for this adap­ta­tion. While it serves as a real­ly nice back­drop, and it makes sense for Archer to want to break Shi­rou with­in his men­tal world, it… does­n’t make sense for Archer to use and main­tain it in the first place giv­en his cur­rent state. Note that the first time he used it a cou­ple of episodes ago, it shat­tered with­in minutes.

Plus, noth­ing is stop­ping Archer from doing a sword rain on Shi­rou while in Unlim­it­ed Blade Works (and he doesn’t).

I am the bone of my Rank E Luck

Bye Lancer ;-;7

They did­n’t do a bad job at all, but for some rea­son Lancer’s hero­ic sac­ri­fice here did­n’t have the same impact on me as it did in the VN. Per­haps it was the lack of 消えない思い (Ever-present feel­ing) that did it in…

Would have been neat to see Lancer think about Bazette when he talked to Rin about his bad luck with women.

As a side note, I always loved how Chu went out in a way that end­ed up being a gigan­tic mid­dle fin­ger to how Diar­muid died in Fate/Zero. A sui­cide Com­mand Spell isn’t enough to take down a real Hero­ic Spir­it — instead of curs­ing his fate, Chu took out Kotomine with him and depart­ed the Holy Grail War as a hero.

(Also, no, it’s not an asspull — it’s his per­son­al Bat­tle Con­tin­u­a­tion skill, rep­re­sent­ing his tenac­i­ty to defeat his oppo­nents in life even when he was giv­en mor­tal wounds that end­ed up killing him even­tu­al­ly. It’s in his damned leg­end.)

I am the bone of my Saber

Kudos to Ufotable for expand­ing more on how Archer/Shirou’s con­flict con­nects with and helps Saber resolve her own tur­moils dur­ing the UBW route.

The Fate route will nev­er have a prop­er adaptation.
Last Episode will nev­er be animated.
QQ Saber fans)

That's Hell you're walking into

The ani­me does a real­ly good job of por­tray­ing Shi­rou’s look into Archer’s mem­o­ries and also adapt­ing the major­i­ty of their mono­logue dur­ing their bat­tle. The ani­me-orig­i­nal addi­tions such as the scenes up until Aval­on regen­er­ates Shi­rou’s body, for the most part, are wel­come. And I absolute­ly loved the Kala­fi­na insert song accom­pa­ny­ing them.

This looks familiar

Speak­ing of which, the bit where Shi­rou pulls out the sword with­in his own hill of blades reminds me a lot of the sec­ond open­ing of the orig­i­nal PC ver­sion of the visu­al novel:

Both scenes mir­ror Arturia pulling out the Sword of Promised Vic­to­ry, resign­ing her­self to the fate of a King (in Shi­rou’s case, an Ally of Jus­tice) for the sake of others.

dying due to being killed

*sigh* Anoth­er case of stilt­ed sub­ti­tles meme-ify­ing Shi­rou’s dia­logue. The gist of it is “Just because you’re right does­n’t mean it’s the only pos­si­ble answer!” or some­thing along those lines.

My body...

...made out of swords

Appar­ent­ly they fixed it lat­er, but this is the ver­sion I saw.

What Ani­plex was look­ing for is “My body is made of swords,” or since they’re appar­ent­ly going for full-Eng­lish aria mode (again)…

My body is made out of swords!

-I am the bone of my sword

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