Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 21 – 「 My dream is not wrong」

My dream isn't wrong!

And here marks the ani­me’s end­ing of Shi­rou’s epic ther­a­py ses­sion. There were bumpy moments before this episode that made me doubt how they were going to han­dle the most emo­tion­al fight of Unlim­it­ed Blade Works, but in the end, Ufotable man­aged to pull through.

The exe­cu­tion of the ani­me ver­sion was what did it for me. I don’t even care any­more that Archer invok­ing Unlim­it­ed Blade Works makes no sense log­i­cal­ly — okay, I still kind of care — but it was worth it in the end. Just the sight of Shi­rou pulling through, charg­ing in and con­quer­ing Archer’s Real­i­ty Mar­ble with his clear skies while EMIYA played in the back­ground was worth every­thing in the end.

Not sure if the blue-sky UBW that you also see in the ED is just sym­bol­ic or is going to be Ufotable’s ver­sion of Shi­rou’s Real­i­ty Mar­ble, but Shi­rou’s canon­i­cal red-sky UBW cer­tain­ly would­n’t have much of a visu­al effect in the anime.

Also, the moment where the EMIYA track starts sound­ing more for­lorn and Archer looks into what he describes as an “old mir­ror” and wit­ness­ing his promise to Kir­it­sugu, cul­mi­nat­ing in hin pret­ty much throw­ing away the fight was just exe­cut­ed so per­fect­ly. The medi­ums are dif­fer­ent, so it’s not the same kind of hype I felt when read­ing the VN, but it was equal­ly good in the ani­me in its own right.

Only prob­lem I could think of is that the Ufotable ver­sion had too many cuts to oth­er scenes ear­li­er in the fight (the pre­vi­ous episode) and did­n’t uti­lize the Emiya track as well as (gasp) DEEN did. Although their use of Emiya’s theme dur­ing the final moments more than made up for it. That, and they man­aged to play it up as an epic ther­a­py ses­sion just as much as the VN did with what the ani­ma­tion medi­um could pro­vide. (On that note, some­thing I for­got to men­tion in my pre­vi­ous UBW post: I wished Ani­plex were bet­ter with their sub­ti­tles in the pre­vi­ous episode. While it’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly wrong since the Japan­ese sen­tences did­n’t tech­ni­cal­ly use any pro­nouns, and Archer is Shi­rou either way, it would have been much bet­ter if some of Archer’s down-talk­ing on Shi­rou’s ideals were trans­lat­ed in first-person.)

Sword man stabs Sword man with a Sword

Ufotable ani­me

Notice Archer's hair

Visu­al novel

Notice Saber

DEEN movie

The Ufotable ani­me has the art, and the DEEN movie had Sei­i­i­i­ibaa.

But the visu­al nov­el still has the hair.

Extra is semi-canon

Shirou is the brown man

Side Note: Fate/Extra out­fits for Young Archer/Ally of Jus­tice Shi­rou is used in the UBW anime!

Shirou has stuck his sword everywhere

Makes you real­ly want a Fate/Extra ani­me, huh? (Female pro­tag­o­nist is canon)

Tadaima Saber


Okaerinasai Saber


Oh yeah. Once again to remind you.

Ufotable will nev­er ani­mate the Fate route.

You will nev­er see Last Episode animated.


Yet these hands will never hold anything

Yet those hands will nev­er hold anything

Only you can defeat him

Spoil­ers for the end­ing of Unlim­it­ed Blade Works.

Sword fetish

You think Shi­rou being impaled by a bunch of swords… arous­es him?

You are an affront to the king

Noth­ing’s real­ly changed from the visu­al nov­el in terms of Gil­gamesh’s dia­logue, but I absolute­ly love Gil­gamesh’s depic­tion in the ani­me bet­ter than the visu­al nov­el. Don’t know if it’s the ani­ma­tion depict­ing extra dis­gust at the cur­rent era of human­i­ty or if it’s just Seki Tomokazu.

I mean, I can point out a bunch of places where the voice cast haven’t been doing too well com­pared to their ear­li­er per­for­mances in the VN, Car­ni­val Phan­tasm, or the DEEn­ime, but Seki Tomokazu man­ages to be at his best as Gil in the UBW anime.

Also, god damned Ser­vant des­ig­na­tions. I won­der if Saber felt a lit­tle awk­ward talk­ing to Gil­gamesh Archer and call­ing him Archer right after the per­son who she has been call­ing Archer the major­i­ty of this Grail War, who is Shi­rou, got skew­ered by him.

Lancer is with us

Reminder that Lancer is still sav­ing peo­ple, even after death

Stop being so offensive!

The rape vic­tims are going to be so offend­ed at this rapist writhing in pain from being turned into a mon­stros­i­ty by All the World’s Evil.

In all seri­ous­ness, I don’t feel sor­ry for Shin­ji, but that was pret­ty hor­rif­ic, in-between Cast­er mur­der­ing chil­dren and Saku­ra being raped by worms in Fate/Zero… But Fate/Zero had total respect for life, women, and chil­dren, clearly.

Implying that sex can go without dolphins

Will the next episode be the bone of my sword or will it be dolphins?


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