Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 22 – 「 Dolphins」


Or rather, uh, sperm whales.

Los­ing the sex scene from the orig­i­nal visu­al nov­el isn’t much of a loss, in my opin­ion. With Real­ta Nua, Type-Moon likes pre­tend­ing that the H‑scenes in the orig­i­nal PC ver­sion nev­er hap­pened. And they hon­est­ly aren’t that nec­es­sary in Fate and Unlim­it­ed Blade Works. They only ever have a “sig­nif­i­cant” pres­ence in Heav­en’s Feel.

I just wished it was more… roman­tic though. Not that jack­ham­merin’ is very roman­tic, but just say­ing. For the record, Nasu did not write the sex scenes in Tsuk­i­hime (oys­ters!) or Fate/stay night. I can­not stress how annoy­ing that mis­con­cep­tion is. (Okay, it is kind of funny.)

Speak­ing of romance, love how they added Rin’s rea­son for falling for Shi­rou direct­ly from Heav­en’s Feel.

(P.S. I am being tit­il­lat­ed by Shin­ji’s suf­fer­ing)

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