Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 23

So long Sasaki Kojirou

Fake Assas­s­in’s bat­tle with Saber here is pret­ty damn dis­ap­point­ing, with how quick­ly it all went down. We did­n’t even get to hear an ani­me ren­di­tion of Ship­pu no Ken­shi, “Sasa­ki Kojirou“ ‘s own theme, in the ani­me. Dammit Ufotable.

It’s sad because this is the only route where Fake Assas­sin feels remote­ly rel­e­vant to the plot. He gets killed off-screen (most like­ly by Gil­gamesh) in Fate and gets super­seded by True Assas­sin (Has­san) in Heav­en’s Feel. It’s a shame Ufotable did­n’t give him much of a ban­gin’ exit.

It was cool see­ing Shi­rou actu­al­ly trac­ing a rain of swords in ani­ma­tion. I absolute­ly hat­ed how DEEN screwed this up by not hav­ing him do that at all in their ver­sion of Unlim­it­ed Blade Works.

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