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Alright… uh, well then. Seems this blog has been dead for a few months now. I’ve been caught up in fin­ish­ing up the last of my junior col­lege edu­ca­tion, han­dling work, and fam­i­ly respon­si­bil­i­ties, so much that video games and watch­ing ani­me have been my pri­or­i­ties for down­time activ­i­ty rather than writ­ing about ani­me. Sor­ry guys.

Though, with this school quar­ter giv­ing me plen­ty of free time to myself, I think I’ll find more time to write about weeb shit every now-and-then (I only have one phys­i­cal class + work two days a week; online class is ezpz and my Japan­ese club is incon­se­quen­tial, so I essen­tial­ly have the rest of the days off). I’m going to start off by fin­ish­ing up my UBW blog posts now that the Blu-rays are out (I nev­er got around to doing a post about the ani­me-orig­i­nal epi­logue; plus, the good end­ing is ani­mat­ed as a bonus on the BD, all hail Seibah) and I’ll prob­a­bly write about the last half of the Fate/kaleid lin­er Pris­ma Illya 2wei adap­ta­tion (heads-up: most­ly my views on it as an adap­ta­tion… and I know much the ani­me fan­dom loves pri­maries lololol hahaa­ha­ha fuck you).

It’s great to be back. Remain­der that if I ever dis­ap­pear (again), you can always catch me on Twit­ter.

[Inter­est­ing reads this week: The Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship – The Trade Agree­ment that will Destroy the Ani­me Fan­dom as We Know It — Chikorita157’s Ani­me Blog

The TPP is hereti­cal and is an affront to the com­mon good. On the small­er side of things, it also affects ani­me and video games neg­a­tive­ly. Don’t let it hap­pen.]

2 thoughts on “Anime Blog CPR

  1. I was won­der­ing where you were con­sid­er­ing that I only real­ly see you on Twit­ter once in a while.

    Aside from that, ever since I start­ed my job back in July, I only real­ly have about 7 hours of free time before I have to go to bed and do the same rou­tine as wak­ing up at 6 am in the morn­ing, eat break­fast and get to work. I guess the upside of it is that I can spend some mon­ey on my hob­by, although I have to pay for my mort­gage aka rent (since I moved) along with repay­ing back stu­dent loans. 

    Also, thanks for the mention.

    1. @chikorita157: A com­mon in-joke amongst my friends is “When we’re unem­ployed, we have no mon­ey for [x]. But when we’re employed, we aint got time for [x].” (usu­al­ly [x] is video games lol) It’s real­ly cru­el how the world works, huh? 😛
      And no probs, you real­ly nailed how harm­ful the TPP is.

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