Fanime 2016 — Experience and Haul

Rider Henshin!

Rid­er Henshin!

This post is com­ing a bitsor­ta… uh, this post came too late. Fanime was over a month ago, and unlike oth­er years, Fanime 2016 was kind of meh for me. Being sur­round­ed by ani­me is always a pret­ty cool deal and the gam­ing room is always fun, but noth­ing real­ly amaz­ing­ly notable hap­pened this year. For one, I did­n’t man­age to get Mat­sukaze Masaya’s auto­graph two days in a row, which was real­ly dis­ap­point­ing, espe­cial­ly because I brought my Shen­mue II box specif­i­cal­ly for that. Last year I man­aged to get Non­a­ka Ai’s auto­graph! I did­n’t par­tic­u­lar­ly care much for the fea­tured Japan­ese musi­cal guest nor the dub voice actors/actresses enough to go to their auto­graph sessions.

The con was pret­ty anal about secu­ri­ty this year. Maybe it’s a per­vert con­trol prob­lem, I dun­no. But unlike oth­er years, they closed pret­ty much the entire con­ven­tion cen­ter to out­siders besides the first floor/entrance (where it’s just cos­play­ers and high-as-fuck mis­fits gath­er­ing) and the hotels. Which sucks, because a lot of the fun shenani­gans hap­pened when my oth­er friends who are too cheap to buy badges of their own mess come to hang out and mess around the con, and some­times lend­ing badges to friends who want­ed to go into the deal­er’s hall/arcade/whatever with­out incon­ve­nienc­ing every­one else. Anoth­er thing to note is the new issu­ing of “trig­ger warn­ings” for the con. Com­plete­ly idi­ot­ic — appar­ent­ly my gen­er­a­tion of morons don’t know how PTSD actu­al­ly works.

Also, of course, the year where we decide to get our badges direct­ly at the con­ven­tion cen­ter is the year where it decides to be fuck­ing LineCon again. Last few years we’ve been get­ting our badges at the Dou­ble­Tree, which takes (at the most) 15 to 20 min­utes, leav­ing the rest of Thurs­day for us to do what­ev­er the hell wed want. All of those years, badge pick­up at the con­ven­tion cen­ter has pur­port­ed­ly been snap­py as fuck. What even hap­pened this year?

I guess one notable event that hap­pened was out­side the con on Sun­day night, where two of my friends got shit­faced (one more than the oth­er), and being the most sober out of the group, I had to make sure we all got back to the hotel room safe­ly. We met some cool strangers that night, was pret­ty cool. Any­ways, giv­en how much of a down­grade Fanime 2016 was com­pared to Fanime 2015 over­all, I sup­pose the obvi­ous choic­es next year are either giv­ing the con anoth­er chance or going to Ani­me Expo instead, depend­ing on how tight my bud­get is.

I did­n’t buy much this year, but I did get some pret­ty sweet stuff. And the cos­plays are always cool, there seemed to be less Shinge­ki no Kyou­jin and Kill la Kill cos­plays this year com­pared to [insert ran­dom school­girl char­ac­ter] cos­play. I ain’t com­plain­ing. I took a ton of pho­tos, but of course I’ll only share some.

The Booty

OTP Figurines
Lit­tle Saku­ra and Syao­ran fig­urines! Don’t they look so cute together?

Dragon Box

Drag­on Box Vol­ume 7 for $30

Lucky Star

A cou­ple of Lucky Star DVD volumes.

UBW wall scroll

Fate/stay night UBW wall scroll

A Kero plushie for my lit­tle sister

Waifu Artbook
Suzu­miya Haruhi Win­ter & Autumn Ani­me Art Book
Uzuki Is The Best

Poster of the New Gen­er­a­tions trio from THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS

Cosplay Photos

Cute Sakura Cosplay

Kinomo­to Saku­ra <3

Hatsune Miku

Hat­sune Miku

Muten Roshi

Muten Roshi

Sexy Shimakaze

Shi­makaze (HOLY SHIT!)

One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Dat Pose

Dat pose


Adorable Twin­tails + School­girl + Knee­high com­bo = Super Effective

Hot Maids

Insta­gram @suhbri

Believe in the me that believes in you
Kam­i­na and Yoko

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