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Wel­come to 竜国の戦場 (Ryu­u­goku no Sen­jou), a blog ran by Ryu­uichi Suzuki/Johnny Nguyen (a.k.a. Azu­ma­noEirei and many oth­er inter­net alias­es), or rather, me. 竜国の戦場 is a Japan-cen­tric blog that focus­es on sub­jects regard­ing anime/manga/visual nov­els, Japan­ese cul­ture, and trans­la­tion. Media reviews are most­ly writ­ten for fin­ished prod­ucts, but I have done episod­ic reviews in the past. Many write-ups are mixed with a bit of friend­ly sar­cas­tic humor and wit in between, so please do not be offend­ed (oth­er­wise 出ていけ、弱虫). Types of blogged shows vary because the main writer (me) can’t decide whether or not he’s into qual­i­ty, moé, or giant robots with sun­glass­es. Some­times he prefers all of them com­bined (okay, okay, maybe they don’t have giant robots with sun­glass­es, but they’re close enough!).

My blog was for­mer­ly known as オタクSPOT (or The Otaku Spot). Gen­er­al blog his­to­ry and facts:I first start­ed this blog on Blog­ger as an ani­me fan wish­ing to share his thoughts on the shows he watched (get­ting inspi­ra­tion to start one from read­ing blogs like Memen­to and Ani­me on My Mind, the for­mer being dead and the lat­ter being known as.… what­ev­er the hell it’s called now). Slow­ly get­ting tired of what Blog­ger offered me, I import­ed all my stuff to WordPress.com and con­tin­ued the blog from there. Even­tu­al­ly, I got a hold of the awe­some, free host­ing at AnimeBlogger.net, owned by Mae­stro, where it has been a home of the blog from my high­school days to adult­hood. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the glo­ry days went by and it no longer exists. I man­aged to move every­thing to a new host and got my own domain name… where it stands today.

Otaku” in Japan means some­one who is extreme­ly involved with their hob­bies almost to the extent of obses­sive­ness. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, unless it’s a jock hob­by like sports, it’s going to be viewed neg­a­tive­ly one way or anoth­er by peo­ple who hate oth­er peo­ple hav­ing fun in dif­fer­ent ways from them. I want every­one to be com­fort­able with their hob­bies and shun the idea that peo­ple who like video games are any worse than some­one who is into base­ball, for exam­ple. Nev­er­the­less, “The Otaku Spot” is quite the unin­spired name and has now become the sub­ti­tle. Ryu­u­goku no Sen­jou is a ref­er­ence to my Japan­ese name, Ryu­uichi, which means first drag­on son. The fact that this is my per­son­al blog means I’m its ruler, and it’s there­fore my coun­try (竜国 = Drag­on Coun­try).  Sen­jou, mean­ing bat­tle­field, ref­er­ences the his­to­ry of this blog where it has occa­sion­al­ly become a bat­tle­field of words.

I’ve got­ten guest writ­ers in the past, one of which was my friend Steven. Even though he was not a per­ma­nent nor large con­trib­u­tor, I felt the need to men­tion him because he’s fuck­ing awe­some. I did recruit a more active con­trib­u­tor in the form of my Cana­di­an friend Daniel Green­way (The Sixth Ranger), known by his inter­net han­dle “Wah­fuu”, who did very excel­lent write-ups of visu­al nov­els he played, and was respon­si­ble for me get­ting into the medi­um more. Of course, since he’s a white Cana­di­an, his post were not real­ly “Asian ram­blings” as the blog adver­tis­es, but “white Cana­di­an ram­blings.” Also notice that his name resem­bles Dan Green. He has since moved on to big­ger and bet­ter things, but you can find him on Twitter.

I have since been alone, and on-and-off due to health com­pli­ca­tions and RL hangups. But this bat­tle­field belongs to me, and I bite like a dragon.


MikotoName: 鈴木竜一 (Suzu­ki, Ryu­uichi), John­ny, Long Nguyen (The Gui­tarist — can’t play for shit)
Birth­day: July 1st, 1993
Eth­nic­i­ty: Asian
Sta­tus: Tak­en with many younger wives.
Alias(es) (com­mon names I go by on the blogosphere/internet):  Azu­ma­noEirei, Azu­maYu­gi, Heav­en’s Feellya, Miko­to, Yuugame

A friend­ly, fun-lov­ing, kinky, yet slight­ly sar­cas­tic man liv­ing in the scorch­ing pits of Cal­i­for­nia and occa­sion­al­ly the scorch­ing pits of Sum­mer Japan. Oh, hey, look, it’s that annoy­ing Ryu­uichi kid.

Why, hel­lo there, dear vis­i­tor. I start­ed this blog in hopes of shar­ing my thoughts on one of my most beloved hob­bies: ani­me and man­ga. Now it’s Japan in gen­er­al. Hope­ful­ly, it does­n’t turn into a chore and stays fun. Hope­ful­ly. I love all sorts of ani­me, giv­en that they don’t com­plete­ly fall into dumb clich­es, aren’t cash-ins of a pop­u­lar over­rat­ed genre that does things that were done mil­lions of times before, or fail to do what they’re sup­posed to do.

My oth­er hob­bies and inter­ests include Asian Dra­mas, tokusat­su, draw­ing, gam­ing, Japan­ese fash­ion, hor­ror movies, and just hang­ing out. I lis­ten to a lot of J‑Pop and some­times K‑Pop, like your typ­i­cal Asian over­grown manteen.

Even though the site was known as “The Otaku Spot”, I’m not an real­ly exag­ger­at­ed geek like the ones stereo­typed in Japan or in Gen­shiken. I’m just over­en­thu­si­as­tic about things. Also, despite pop­u­lar belief, I am not a hikiko­mori. Yeah… I need to get out more.

My favorite anime/manga series and movies include the fol­low­ing: The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya, FLCL, Mushishi, K‑ON! (guilty plea­sure), Lucky☆Star, Mononoke, Non Non Biy­ori, Full­met­al Alchemist, Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann, The Girl Who leapt Through Time, Grave of the Fire­flies, Samu­rai Cham­ploo, Yuu☆gi☆ou/The☆Game☆King/Yu-Gi-Oh! (THE MANGA) and many more. I’m also a very big CLAMP fan in gen­er­al, so expect me to go ga-ga over Card­cap­tor Saku­ra and Koba­to. ;D Over­all, if I had a favorite, it’d be Card­cap­tor Saku­ra or The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya.

I also enjoy visu­al nov­els, but I’m par­tic­u­lar­ly a fan of Type-Moon media, such as the Tsuk­i­hime and Fate/stay night series of visu­al nov­els, their ani­me, man­ga, movie, light nov­el, and video game adap­ta­tion­s/spin-offs, etc. Kara no Kyoukai is amaz­ing and I want to ful­ly read Mahout­sukai no Yoru in the near future. Also, if it was­n’t obvi­ous enough, the best Type-Moon girl for me is Illyasviel von Einzbern, in every form, includ­ing the choco­late and vanil­la com­bo in Fate/kaleid lin­er Pris­ma Illya. But any­thing stem­ming more direct­ly with the Stay Night incar­na­tions jive extra well with me. Her trag­ic back­ground sto­ry won me over, her role in Heav­en’s Feel was excel­lent, and I love all of that matu­ri­ty hid­den under­neath that cute petite shell of a half-human homunculus.

Some of my favorite video game series are the fol­low­ing: Skies of Arcadia/Eternal Arca­dia, Shin Mega­mi Ten­sei, Per­sona, THE iDOLM@STER, Ate­lier, Tales of, Met­al Gear, Shen­mue, Res­i­dent Evil/Biohazard, Silent Hill, The Leg­end of Zel­da, Mario, Street Fight­er, Dis­gaea, Final Fan­ta­sy, Yakuza/Ryuu ga Gotoku, Growlanser, and Fatal Frame/Project Zero. Basi­cal­ly, my favorite types of games are usu­al­ly either open-world, RPGs, action games, or sur­vival hor­ror games. Give me a good JRPG and I’ll play it for hours. Right now, I also have a pen­chant for the Japan­ese dou­jin games brought over by Carpe Ful­gur and want to play For­tune Sum­mon­ers Deluxe.

My favorite Japan­ese foods are soumen, uni (fresh sea urchin), and sashi­mi (which includes nigiri sushi). Food in gen­er­al, Phở (Viet­namese noo­dle soup dish) and raw sushi are def­i­nite­ly up there for me as god tier. Takoy­a­ki and Viet­namese sum­mer rolls are my fun food. I hate ketchup in foods that don’t need it, it ruins the taste. Fries most­ly — if it needs ketchup then it’s most like­ly a bland frozen pota­to. But hell if I can tol­er­ate ketchup in a hotdog.

As far as tokusat­su goes, Kamen Rid­er all the way.

I’m absolute­ly in love with Vir­tu­al YouTu­bers, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to NIJISANJI and Holo­Live.

(P.S. I’m cur­rent­ly under the delu­sion rea­son­able impres­sion that I’m an over­lord. I’m the over­lord of this blog, there­fore I’m the over­lord of you!

Game con­soles I own(ed):

      • Super Nin­ten­do
      • Sega Mega Drive
      • Nin­ten­do 64
      • PlaySta­tion
      • Sega Sat­urn
      • Sega Dream­cast
      • Game­Cube
      • PlaySta­tion 2
      • Game Boy Advance
      • Nin­ten­do DS
      • Nin­ten­do Wii
      • Nin­ten­do 3DS
      • Nin­ten­do New 3DS
      • Playsta­tion 3
      • Playsta­tion Portable
      • Playsta­tion Vita
      • Playsta­tion 4

I also own a cus­tom gam­ing rig that I also use to do artwork.

Mr. LexName: Steven Le (The Drum­mer — Likes beat­ing his shit)
Birth­day: Feb­ru­ary 24, 1993
Eth­nic­i­ty: Viet­namese, Appar­ent­ly someotherAsianmaybe
Sta­tus: Sin­gle
Alias(es): Mr. Lex, 420 no Smoke, Cor­po­ral Crotch

I’m prac­ti­cal­ly a guest writer, with an aver­age of one arti­cle a year, but damn it I still want to leave a lit­tle snip­pet here. I was orig­i­nal­ly brought on to write about video games, but that went down the shit­ter as soon as I real­ized that “play­ing video games” and “writ­ing about video games” isn’t a simul­ta­ne­ous action. That and up until the release of Dark Souls, I had a seri­ous dry spell of Japan­ese games, and this unfor­tu­nate­ly isn’t The Wes­t­aku Spot. One day.

My oth­er excur­sions into Japan­ese media include visu­al nov­els (Daniel/Wahfuu is to blame for this one) and light nov­els, though my inabil­i­ty to read in any oth­er lan­guage oth­er than Eng­lish has me held back on both of these hobbies.

I don’t real­ly want to make this an auto­bi­og­ra­phy, but I feel I should note two things because they’re relat­ed to my writ­ing. First off, I love crit­i­ciz­ing things. I do not mean nit­pick­ing in order to talk about how shit some­thing is, but I feel that being able to point out every­thing I hate or dis­like about some­thing and then being able to fin­ish the rant with “…but I still fuck­ing loved it,” tru­ly shows how much you enjoyed your­self. Sec­ond, my atten­tion span works in bursts. I will get real­ly involved in a video game or visu­al nov­el, stick to it for 3 days straight, get dis­tract­ed by some­thing else and not return to it for six god damn months at which point I marathon the rest of it over the course of a week. It’s unhealthy, and the rea­son I men­tion is because I want every­body that reads this to real­ize that if I say, “Next I’ll review:…” or “I plan to play…” it means as much as me screech­ing in your ear like a rav­ing harpy.

A few favorite ani­me of mine are Samu­rai Cham­ploo, Cow­boy Bebop, Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann, Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion, Lucky☆Star, Dan­talian no Shoka, and Detroit Met­al City. There’s plen­ty I for­get to list here (I’m more or less just try­ing to show a vari­ety of gen­res on here), as well as dozens that I’m inter­est­ed in watch­ing, but just end up not touch­ing. I get frus­trat­ed with any­thing in a video for­mat or audio for­mat because I can’t con­trol how fast I’m expe­ri­enc­ing the con­tent. If it takes me a long time to play a video game, or read a visu­al nov­el or light nov­el, it was my own fault, but I don’t real­ly want to hit the fast-for­ward but­ton while watch­ing anime.

The visu­al nov­els I have under my belt at the moment are Da Capo II, Katawa Shou­jo, Mon­ster Girl Quest 1 & 2 (I REGRET NOTHING. I AM WILLING TO ANSWER ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TRAUMA CAUSED BY THESE EXPERIENCES), Lit­tle Busters!, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attor­ney, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attor­ney: Jus­tice for All.

I am cur­rent­ly read­ing the Spice & Wolf and Haruhi Suzu­miya light nov­els, and I did­n’t enjoy either of their respec­tive ani­me adap­ta­tions. Go figure.

I wish I could cre­ate a even remote­ly com­plete list of video games that I would call my favorites, but that is just impos­si­ble for me. Still, it’s worth a shot, I’ll try to mix up both new and old games into this vast­ly incom­plete list.

I enjoy rogue­like games, from old clas­sics like NetHack (which wreck my shit) to new­er takes on the genre such as Izu­na: Leg­end of the Unem­ployed Nin­ja. In a sim­i­lar vein, I am a huge fan of dun­geon crawlers, though they were admit­ted­ly not a favorite of mine back when the genre was more pop­u­lar because of how ter­ri­ble I was at them. Recent­ly how­ev­er, the Etri­an Odyssey series has giv­en me a chance to give the genre a sec­ond try, and it’s one of the few video games series I still con­sis­tent­ly enjoy, oth­er than the flag­ship Shin Mega­mi Ten­sei series, anoth­er great dun­geon crawler from Atlus.

I wish I could say what my favorite Japan­ese role play­ing game is, but there’s just too many. Some of the ones that are up there include Grandia, the orig­i­nal Arc the Lad tril­o­gy, Wild Arms 2, and the Xenosaga tril­o­gy. West­ern role-play­ing games are also dif­fi­cult to list, but some of my favorites include The Witch­er, Deus Ex, Jade Empire, and Fall­out 2. I real­ly need to go revis­it the gold­en age of WRPG’s, I haven’t even played Planescape: Tor­ment, some­thing that I am legit­i­mate­ly embar­rassed about.

I do miss old­er stealth games, such as the Thief series, and the old­er Splin­ter Cell games where going on a ram­page was tan­ta­mount to sui­cide, or at least very inef­fi­cient and bad for one’s score (I’m look­ing at you Hit­man: Abso­lu­tion, reveal­ing my iden­ti­ty after snap­ping some­body neck in a wrestling are­na should not be reward­ed damn it). Hell, the Met­al Gear Sol­id games get sil­ly, but Met­al Gear Sol­id 3: Snake Eater had me think­ing twice about killing peo­ple because of a cer­tain stu­pid river.

I’m not a huge fan of first per­son shoot­ers, not because of the genre, but because of how gener­ic they feel these days. The ones I did enjoy though were the ear­ly days of Team Fortress 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shad­ow of Cher­nobyl, and Bioshock. Some old­er games that felt damn orig­i­nal to me at the time were Red Fac­tion with its destruc­tible envi­ron­ments and The Oper­a­tive: No One Lives For­ev­er which had just absolute­ly fun game­play and a hilar­i­ous atmosphere.

I’d list some more gen­res and games, but I don’t want to be that guy and drag this on any longer, if some­body was that damn curi­ous they could always ask me. Instead I’ll list the con­soles I am cur­rent­ly play­ing video games on.

      • PC
      • Nin­ten­do 3DS


(Miko­to note: His Viet name is Binh. he taps on da binh)

WahfuuName: Daniel Greenway (The Key­board Play­er — fin­ger­ing his shit)
Birth­day: July 31, 1991
Eth­nic­i­ty: Cau­casian, def­i­nite­ly not Black
Sta­tus: NOTHING
Alias(es): Wah­fuu, HEY YOU CANADIAN

I talk a lot about still-framed voice-act­ed car­toon sex that most peo­ple mas­tur­bate to but I for some rea­son find incred­i­ble amounts of artis­tic mer­it in, which makes me thir­ty types of weird with six­ty types of wrist pain.

Thank you, and goodnight!

What, that’s not enough? Okay then! I’m Wah­fuu. Wah­fz, if you will. W to the Fuu. What­ev­er you want to call me is fine. I’m a gigan­tic nerd that enjoys ani­me and the occa­sion­al man­ga and all sorts of video game gen­res! Of course, the thing that I’m sure most peo­ple know I love the most would be VN’s, which I find to be the absolute best form of sto­ry-telling for var­i­ous rea­sons. Not to dimin­ish any pros the oth­ers have, it’s most­ly just a per­son­al pref­er­ence that seems to be glued to me. I’ve read most of the Eng­lish ones save for few that I’ve put off for specifics and a few of the Japan­ese ones despite being as pro­fi­cient at the lan­guage as your every day toddler.

Favorite ani­me would prob­a­bly include Lucky Star, Joshi­raku, Chuu2, Nichi­jou, Clan­nad, (depend­ing how I feel at the time) Hells­ing: Ulti­mate, Evan­ge­lion, Angel Beats and prob­a­bly Full Met­al Alchemist. There are def­i­nite­ly oth­ers I’m for­get­ting. I’ve been far out of the loop when it comes to ani­me, late­ly. Hajime no Ippo gets a spe­cial men­tion as one of the only man­ga that has kept my atten­tion through absurd amounts of content.

Favorite VN’s will include, but are not lim­it­ed to: MuvLuv Alter­na­tive, Lit­tle Busters!, G‑Senjou no Maou, Fate/Stay Night, Chaos;Head, Sharin no Kuni, Tsuk­i­hime, Hoshi­zo­ra and For­est. Spe­cial men­tions go towards Kami­dori Alchemist Meis­ter and Majikoi, for being a bit hard to pin down but doing what they do extreme­ly well. Oth­er men­tions go towards YU-NO and Cross Chan­nel, which despite being amaz­ing in their own right, I can’t seem to get into but high­ly rec­om­mend regard­less. This is all just per­son­al taste, of course, and ten­ta­tive as shit. This list will prob­a­bly get edit­ed a hun­dred times over the course of its lifes­pan, so take it with a grain of salt. I’ll hope­ful­ly have a review for every­thing in the future.

I could men­tion some oth­er stuff, too. Like the Da Capo and Katawa Shou­jo for being great entry lev­el VN’s and the Liar-Soft game series which I haven’t had the time to read but hear amaz­ing things about. Same with Steins;Gate. Rewrite is men­tioned here too, but that looks to be mak­ing its way into my favorites at lethal speed, so I put it here only for now. If you are won­der­ing why I didn’t men­tion X VN for Y rea­son, it’s prob­a­bly because I’m an idiot and for­got. You should prob­a­bly ask me some­where what I think of X for Y rea­son so I can put it in here.

You will hope­ful­ly nev­er see me use a point sys­tem for VN’s. I sim­ply hate using it. I think con­dens­ing art, mes­sage and per­son­al enjoy­ment into a num­ber can make peo­ple com­pare apples to oranges. I also think that per­fec­tion can­not and will not ever real­ly exist in any prod­uct, but a score sys­tem implies that per­fect does exist and unfair­ly places it against a gigan­tic invis­i­ble impos­si­bil­i­ty for com­par­i­son. How­ev­er, the good chap Ixrec over at Amat­era­su gets a spe­cial men­tion for the polar­i­ty addi­tion which is prob­a­bly the best way to go about it prop­er­ly. I guess it’s not the sys­tem, more about what seems the fan­base has turned the score sys­tem into, which is an excuse to argue. So, I’ll prob­a­bly refrain from using it. I’ll put a TL;DR at the end of most of my reviews, however.

What else? Oh, vidya. I play games on the hard­est dif­fi­cul­ty because I’m a masochist that likes being punched around like a dirty casu­al. Games like God of War and Dev­il May Cry (com­bat glo­ri­fied) games are my favorite. King­dom Hearts 2 FM gets a good men­tion, too, along with sand­box­es like Infa­mous and Pro­to­type. Also the souls series. Yeye.
Guest (s):

Damn, this pic­ture is the most annoy­ing thing in existence.

Kyon Name: Every­body calls me Kyon, which annoys me to no end… They’ve been call­ing me that for so long, I think even I for­got what my name was. Miko­to: He’s the dude that drags our shit around for us. LOLOLOL
Birth­day: .… I don’t real­ly know, myself.
Eth­nic­i­ty: Japan­ese

I help John­ny (a.k.a. xXMiko­toN­akadaiXx… what kind of user­name is that?!) blog The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya, an ani­me series with a cyn­i­cal char­ac­ter that some­how bares a strange resem­blance to me.

Main­ly because it IS me.

… It’s more like a biog­ra­phy of myself more than any­thing else, going more in-depth of my dis­dain of all the wierd stuff going on around me. More than what was por­trayed in the ani­me series.

Yeah. Like that’s possible.

deeponName: Sam C. (Back­up Drum­mer — beat­ing every­one’s shit)
Birth­day: Sep­tem­ber 23, 1987
Eth­nic­i­ty: Spees Muhreen
Sta­tus: Ded­i­cat­ed to the Emperi­um to Purge the Unclean
Alias(es): Lieu­tenant deepon

FOR THE EMPERIUM!  I purge galax­ies of heretics and unclean races in the name of the Emperi­um and in my spare time I do mundune reviews of ani­me for Jahn­ny.  Attempt­ing to GAR up this blog from the excess of Hereti­cal, school­girl, slice of life ani­me and VNs.  All for the Emperi­um!  I real­ly hate heretics, unclean races, psyk­ers, sis­ters of bat­tle, tau, eldar, dark eldar, any­thing chaos relat­ed, orks, tyran­nids and Blood Angels.  I. ALSO. HATE. NECRONS.  THOSE FUCKERS ALWAYS COME BACK UNLESS YOU TAKE DOWN THE DAMN MONOLITH, UGH!

But I enjoy the walks along the beach, admir­ing my tro­phy room full of the heads of the heretics and unclean heads mount­ed on my wall and movies with Mor­gan Free­man in it because I have a man-crush on his voice.

Also, for the Emperium!

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