Contact Me

To con­tact me for feed­back and such, send me an email at:
If I don’t reply, that prob­a­bly means the blog email address is prob­a­bly not work­ing and you’ll need to con­tact me at any of the fol­low­ing locations.

YouTube account (active)
Pix­iv acount (azu­mayu­gi) (active)
Ani­me­Su­ki Forum account (Suzu­miya Haruhi) (inac­tive)
Bul­ba­gar­den Forums account (FANG-TAN) (inac­tive) Forums account (Satoshi) (inac­tive)

I have a Twit­ter account, which is locat­ed on the sidebar.

You can use this con­tact form as well, but I rec­om­mend send­ing me emails manually.